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Affinity Cab Association LLC

Baltimore taxi service

(Maryland, United States of America)

Address: 6 W Lanvale St, Baltimore MD 21201

Affinity Cab Association LLC

Phone number: 4108460000
Phone number: 4103509563
Phone number: 4434534949
Skype ID: affinitycab

Service description

Affinity Cab - The Premier Taxicab Van and Shuttle Services of Baltimore.Affinity Cab is professional and reliable transportation company that proudly serves the greater Baltimore Metropolitan Area, 24/7 365 days a year.We provide comfortable and economical Airport Transportation from your door right to your terminal gate.Our cabs are late model,well maintained and manned with professional and efficient drivers.So use our cabs for site seeing,sporting event or an evening out in the town.We accept all major credit cards

Company fleet


Company message

On Time Every Time


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Spoken languages

english spanish

Main destinations aprox. fares

BWI = 30
Reagon National Airport = 110
Dulles Airport(IAD) = 145
Washington DC = 100
Columbia = 50

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  Zahid pervez   --   Baltimore (Maryland) (United States of America)
posted: 2014-05-30 10:49:21
05/30/2013 1:00 AM Cab # 1074 After an exhausted journey from NY to Baltimore I took a cab. The cab was waiting by the chinese bus stop at travel plaza. I told the driver I wanna go to Glen Burnie and then he said ok then i got in to the cab. So when i got into the cab i gave the address to the driver. Then first question he asked me "have I ever took a cab from here to glen burnie?" I told him "No" Now i understand why he asked me if i took a cab from here before. So he can cheat me better if the regular rate is unknown to me. Then he started to drive and his meter wemt on like crazy. From travel plaza to toll gate of 895 the meter was reading 25 dollar with zero traffic on the road. I kept quiet till the end. And the driver had very loud music on and i had headache and i was telling him to turn the volume down instead of turning it off ( just didnt wanna be mean to him by saying turning it off) however he barely hear me. He said he cant hear with his loud music on. He was indicating me with his fingers to lean forward and speak closer to his ear so he can hear me. How would he hear me if he has loud music on? I was tired exhausted and hungry to speak loudly to him. However when we got my home (glen burnie) the meter end up with the total of $83.xx. I was like really surprised. And i told him i dont like your meter he said nobody like his meter but its very good price from baltimore to here. I had like no word to say to him . Moreover he demand tip on top of that. He said he dont take credit card though your website says you do. I said ok i will pay you whatever the meter says but i need the receipt please. Then he said what are you trying to do. I said i just need the receipt i will pay you in full. Then i wanted to get off but he didnt let me. He kept the door locked saying he is not letting me go untill i pay him. Then he said how much you wanna pay? Pay me $60. I said $40-50. He was telling me many stuff to make me believe his meter is right. Then he said ok amd i gave him $50 and i was surprised. If his meter says $83 how come he is taking $50. It means some thing is wrong here. Why would he negotiate. Then i demand receipt. He disagree to give me the receipt. Then i got off and took his cab number then he came out and was trying to negotiate and gave me back $10 out of $50. Also he was telling me not to complaint. My overall edperience was very bad I did not want to fight with a cab driver in front of my neighbors after midnight. I would never take this service anymore nor recommend anybody.