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Suzanne about Dial 7

  Suzanne   --   New York (New York) (United States of America)
posted: 2011-09-21 10:35:25
ALMOST KILLED MY DOG.  Several times I have made reservations asking for dog-friendly cars (small dog, on the lap) and SEVERAL times when the driver arrives, they speed off and say no dogs.  I call dial7, they send another car, sometimes they speed off again.  REALLY?  They offer dog-friendly cars as a service on their site/ads HOWEVER (supposedly) it is solely up to the discretion of the driver whether they want to take the dog or not so basically, THEY LIE.  Last night, the driver pulled up and said he would not take my dog (car # 1597). I told him he needs to call for another car.  After he sat there telling me he wouldn't take me (with a phone in his hand) he said he'd call when he left (yeah right).  Luckily for me, dial7 came through his walkie talkie while I was standing there asking if he'd intercepted me yet (oh yeah, he was late in the first place so I had to call looking for him).  He told them he didn't want to take the dog they said they'd send another car in 5 minutes.  *THIS WHOLE 15 MINUTE EXCHANGE, I had been making it exorbitantly clear that my dog was half under his car; that he would run her over if he moved the car.  He slowly put up his window to so he couldn't hear me anymore (mature and professional, right?) and he then drove off, RUNNING OVER MY DOG'S TAIL.  Had I not yanked her leash, she would be dead.*
They have done this several times and I find their customer service appalling. 
(The next driver that did take me, complained about the dogs in the car the entire time, and explained that drivers are never forced to take dogs, even though it is advertised that way.  So, if you have allergies, you never know if an animal was just in the car; if you are a pet-owner, you never know if they will ever pick you up; and if you are a dog, you never know if you will be killed by a dial7 car).
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