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Abakus Taxibetriebs-GmbH

Berlin taxi service

(Berlin, Germany)

Abakus Taxibetriebs-GmbH

Phone number: 3211898

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  Kuniaki Hashimoto   --   Dusseldorf (Nordrhein Westfalen) (Germany)
posted: 2009-12-27 06:06:33
Dear TAXI in Berlin.
Pls kindly help me !!
I lost my Camere in the TAXI last night at Tiegel AP.
It was around 5pm-5:30pm, 26/Dec/09.
From SAS Radison Hotel to Tiegel AP, Gate A02.
I was with my wife, we are 2 person, Japanese but livin in Dusseldorf.
TAXI was big wagon and waiting in the front of the Hotel at that time.
My camera is CANON S3is, with Black and soft case with few SD memories are in the small red attached accesarry.
Unfortunately I didn't recieve the reciept and forget the Name.
Pls advise me how to try to get back my Camera.
And pls kindly help me to find out my preciouse memories in Berlin !!
Awaiting for your reply.
Many thanks with VBR
Kuniaki Hashimoto.
TDK Electronics Europe GmbH
+49(0)211 9077 164(office)
+49(0)173 9358 782(mobile)