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A-Plus Taxi Ltd

Lethbridge taxi service

(Alberta, Canada)

A-Plus Taxi Ltd

Phone number: 3949200

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2.5 stars Ave. rating: 2.5 from 82 votes.
  megan   --    (Canada)
posted: 2015-05-15 01:58:19
I've been a student here in Lethbridge for two years. Getting home from a night out at the bar has been at best a terrifying experience. Not only most of these drivers have seriously bad driving habits, but they don't know where they're going without gps. Finally I lucked out. I met the owner of Rodeo Drive Cabs. If your ever wondering where you might get some lessons on service I suggest you get him to train all your drivers. He's polite and treats you the way your Dad would. He cares about your safety not. What you take out of your wallet. Rodeo Drive is the only cab I take now.
  Dylan   --   Calgary (Alberta) (Canada)
posted: 2012-09-28 09:06:23
My regular driver was tied up for a bit so I jumped into a random A plus taxi.How about a lesson on manors. I wouldn't hire these guys to dig an outhouse for me. Don't waste your money here .You will if you seek him out find the best cabby I've ever had the pleasure to ride with. He drives a Benz.
  Dylan   --   Calgary (Alberta) (Canada)
posted: 2012-09-28 09:06:23
My regular driver was tied up for a bit so I jumped into a random A plus taxi.How about a lesson on manors. I wouldn't hire these guys to dig an outhouse for me. Don't waste your money here .You will if you seek him out find the best cabby I've ever had the pleasure to ride with. He drives a Benz.
  quiet_but_nice   --   Lethbridge (Alberta) (Canada)
posted: 2011-08-03 06:22:26
here is an address you should keep an eye on, both day and night. customers name are brandon and becca, she is ok, but brandon is rude, arrogant, obnoxious, and will refuse to pay for cabs if like the little baby that he is, won't get his way. the address is 612 5 street south. he likes to argue about whether or not smoking is allowed in cabs and such... pass it on!
  Tiffany   --   Lethbridge (Alberta) (Canada)
posted: 2011-06-22 03:03:30
Well "John Smith" I simply stated i would not refer this cab company to anyone i know and to this day i still dont. I have also told other cab companies about what happened and they all said regardless of the situation they wouldnt have just left two girls wearing dresses on the street 30 minutes away from their destination in the winter time. I completely understand some cab drivers dont allow eating in the cab but if he was so worried about it maybe he should have not drove us through a fast food joint. We clearly did get the message though after he slammed on his breaks and my pop spilled on me. As to your statement " a cab driver is not a slave or chauffeur " Last time i checked they are paid to take you to your destination weather it be a fast food place or your home. This cab driver Mike was rude from the minute we got into the cab we tried talking to him asking how his night was going and had a bad attitude. Like i said, i mentioned to him every other cab driver i had from that company was always so nice to me. He replies with "good for them". Need i remind you this was BEFORE we ate a few fries. He did not ask us "several times". I am a paying customer and will give the cab driver any respect back that he shows me from the start. My friend and i did call the manager and follow up with him after it happend and he told us he would write Mike up and that was it, if we wanted to call the company for a ride to just make sure we tell them we dont want the driver Mike. I think im better off to give my business to a more professional company that has a great attitude. I always call rodeo drive cabs and the owner is an amazing person with a great personality. He has so many positive customer reviews. Check them out on infotaxi! :) Anyone out there if you need a ride be sure to call him! 1-403-593-2227. Im sorry John if you see the issue being a huge worry about a little mustard spill on the back seat but the way i and im sure many others do see it is a bigger issue which is customer service. To anwer your question it is a simple request was there any harm in following it? Well customer service and professionalism for my money is a simply request. Is there any harm in following that?
  Nicole Huber   --   Lethbridge (Alberta) (Canada)
posted: 2010-10-18 01:01:41
The cleanest taxi's I've ever been in, the drivers actually know the city. All the other companies ive called from the bar at night needed a GPS find there way around in Lethbridge. I appreciate a company and people who actually know how to do there job. I've consistently been picked up by clean drivers who you can actually have a conversation with. I'm never going to call another company again.
  Brannon Kegan   --   Lethbridge (Alberta) (Canada)
posted: 2010-05-09 10:20:51
I recommend this cab company to anyone. I needed a ride home from boss hog's after a long night out with the boys. They were outside waiting for me before i even got out of the bar. unfortunately I discovered when I got home that I had forgot my coat and didn't have my wallet (my wallet was inside my coat) at the bar. The cab driver I cant remember his name took me back to the bar for free and home again, He didn't try to bill me for the extra trip back to the bar to get my coat, but I payed him for the free trip home but it was nice to see that I had the opportunity not to even though it was my own mistake, I wouldn't never use any other company.
  Tiffany   --   Lethbridge (Alberta) (Canada)
posted: 2010-02-20 11:03:18
I would not recomment this cab company to anyone. Last night my friend and I were at Studio 54 and after the bar jumped into an A Plus taxi. He drove my friend and I to wendys and the whole time had a snarky attitude and completly unfriendly. I had mentioned to him that i have never been treated this unfriendly by cab drivers before and they were always so nice to me. he replies with "good for them" Thats just completely rude he should not be a cab driver especially at night if he cant handle picking people up from the bar and doesnt know what customer service is. After we got our food he said there was no eating in the car which i mean two girls drunk we ate a few fries and got in trouble from him we said sorry. A few minutes later my friend passed me a fry he got mad said there was no eating in the car, slammed on his breaks and pulled into ellison flour factory parking lot. He said he had enough of us and made us get out of the car and start walking! Two girls kicked out of a cab because we were eating a few fries. My pop spilled and my friends things flew out of her purse and he said we did it on purpose. We called the company back to complain and have another cab come she said ok it will be ten minutes. So we started walking waiting for the cab and she called us back saying she has to go with Mike the cab drivers story and we have to call a different cab company. Unbelievable! Customer service is not that cab company's specialty im sure if it was their daughters they would care but that situation was handled completely unprofessional. I thought the receptionist Marla would be a little more compassionate seeing how she is a female. I was outraged to be treated that poorly as if we didnt matter at all. What kind of a man would drop off two ladies who were drinking off on the street 2 in the morning wearing dresses and heels in the winter time? This person has issues and should not be a cab driver let alone anything to do with customer service. I do not trust this cab company at all and will be sure to tell anyone i know and spread the word about the terrible service. This kind of behavior from a cab driver is completely unappropriate. My friend and I are going in next week to speak with the manager, hopefully something gets resolved because this should not happen to anyone.
  Jane Doe    --   Lethbridge (Alberta) (Canada)
posted: 2012-10-21 04:26:30
The guys they hire to drive for this company are RUDE!! I seen a guy that worked for this company roll down his window and yell at another cab company and flip him the bird in front of a crowd of people. Talk about a sore loser. They really should hire people that have CUSTOMER SERVICE and good people skills, not these low lives.
  Dave    --   Lethbridge (Alberta) (Canada)
posted: 2012-01-13 22:20:38
wow you sound like you work for this cab company. What ever happened to customer service??
  john smith    --   Calgary (Alberta) (Canada)
posted: 2010-08-04 09:21:20
Hi Tiffany, I am sorry you had this experience, however, there are good reasons for not letting people eat in cabs. Now imagine if this driver has twenty fares a night, in fact, if it is a busy city he is likely to have many more. Now imagine if just half of his fares spill pop, or drop a single fry, or piece of lettuce from the burger. Imagine now that at least one of the fry's, or piece of food is covered in a sauce. Now the driver at the end of the shift has to fully clean the car ready for the day shift to come in. The seat is stained with coke or whatever and has to be thoroughly cleaned. Now the seats and floor are wet, and no passengers can sit on them, so the taxi has to be taken out of service for the day. This costs the driver who leases the car for the night often. This can be as much as $3-400 dollars. All because, with the best of intentions not to be messy, you have spilt some of your food. In my experience, no night cab drivers will let food be eaten in their car. This avoids drivers having to pay for lay ups, or spend 2-3 hours scrubbing carpets and seats, or washing mats. In my own personal experience, I have been fined $150 by the cab company for a mustard stain on the seat cover from someone who "was in the army and was far to tidy to make mustard stains from my hotdog" Though you may consider it a trivial thing and I am in now way able to speak on the manner in which you were spoken too, I would suggest that if the driver asked you nicely to not eat in the car and you do not head his repeated requests, then I would not be surprised to be ejected from the cab. Your dollar value fare is hardly likely to reimburse the driver for the time and effort that you may or may not cause in a clean up. We all like to have something to eat after a night in the pubs, but if you become hungry, then may I suggest getting dropped of at a restaurant, diner or fast food joint whilst you eat; then collecting a cab afterwards. A cab driver is not a slave or chauffeur, he is often an overworked man trying to make ends meet by driving people around for 14 hours a night. If he has few rules which he has set himself aside, then you have no right to break them, and he has no need to have people break them. There are many ways out of this situation, ask the driver before you eat, if it is allowed (this goes for smoking now too), eat before you leave in a cab, buy food and eat it after the ride is over or take a cab company who does not pride themselves on a clean car and tidy interior (there are many scabby cabs around and most people avoid them as they look grotty, dirty and disgusting - the very situation this driver was probably wanting to avoid) Again, I am sorry that you were offended by this driver and that you received little support from their dispatch; but you must always consider both sides of an issue. It seems that the driver asked you several times to not eat in his cab, it is a simple request - was there any harm in following it?
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