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B&B Remises

Montevideo taxi service

(Montevideo, Uruguay)

Address: Carlos Berg 2419

B&B Remises

Phone number: +598 96 603780

Company background

Service by B&B Remises Srl.

Service description

Provides cars with driver in Montevideo, Punta del Este, Colonia and around the country, airport transfer, Reception in ports terminals, airport or bus Station, City Tours.

Aprox. prices

Carrasco Airport  / Downtown U$S  40 
Carrasco Airport / Punta del Este U$S 230
Carrasco Airport  / Colonia del Sacramento U$S 360
Downtow (Montevideo) / Punta del Este U$S 260
Downtow (Montevideo) / Colonia del Sacramento U$S 300
City Tour (Montevideo) / 2 Hours U$S 113
City Tour (Montevideo) / 3 Hours U$S 140

Company fleet



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Spoken languages

english spanish

Main destinations aprox. fares

Airport / Downtonw Montevideo = 40
Montevideo / Punta del Este = 260
Montevideo City Tours = 113
Montevideo / Colonia del Sacramenteo = 330
Montevideo / Atlantida = 80

Rate B&B Remises
5 stars Ave. rating: 5 from 5 votes.
  Robert Vela   --   Malibu (California) (United States of America)
posted: 2015-09-22 01:14:44
Nice ! Car new, clean, and have wifi. 10 points!