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Quick Taxi

New Haven taxi service

(Connecticut, United States of America)

Quick Taxi

Phone number: 7777778

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  svr2008   --   Atlanta (Georgia) (United States of America)
posted: 2013-02-18 07:53:51
This is literally the most rude and unreliable cab company I have ever dealt with. I called the 203-777-7778 number at around 11:45 the night before my flight to get a cab for the next morning at 6AM. I was promised a cab and woke up the next morning ready to go to the airport. 6:10 rolls around and there is no cab. I call the original number back and a very asleep sounding man answers the phone. I tell him my situation and he says that since I called so late at night I had been talking to someone else that had his phone and that I needed to call a different number. Despite being slightly peeved I did it anyway - the number was disconnected. It is now 6:20 and I call the original number back when the man, who I apparently had woken up again, said that there were no other cabs and that I needed to find another company. My boyfriend had already been calling other taxis and car services to no avail as it was a Monday morning and everyone was going to work already. I told the original man that and he told me too bad and that it wasn't his problem. I then told him if I had to pay extra for any flight changes he was responsible at which he promptly started yelling at me that it wasn't his fault and that he can't control where the number is directed to and hung up on me. I tried calling back and he did not pick up. 7 AM came and passed and thankfully I was able to get ahold of another cab company to take me to the airport for the next flight. I am now delayed 6 hours and have had to cancel many previous engagements. Long story short: do not trust this company.