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Flamingo Taxi

Miami taxi service

(Florida, United States of America)

Address: 198 NW 79th St Miami, FL 33150

Flamingo Taxi

Phone number: 305 599 9999

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  Luiz Fernando   --   Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo) (Brazil)
posted: 2013-09-13 12:09:06
I hired Flamingo Taxi at the airport in Miami to deliver only a package until Adventure, but this package was not delivered. Driver LIC#31169, Cab#1813. I tried to telephone contact but nobody told me what happened
  gluck   --   Boston (Massachusetts) (United States of America)
posted: 2013-03-03 03:28:55
This cab company is nasty. Avoid at all costs.
  jose obama   --   Kruje (Albania)
posted: 2012-11-06 12:17:10
best taxi i have ever rode in!!
  Unhappy customer   --   Miami (Florida) (United States of America)
posted: 2012-01-15 02:49:33
I just took a taxi cab ride from the club amnesia to my house in Aventura. Before I went in the taxi, I asked for a flat rate of $30 and he said ok. But when I got to my house, the guys started screaming at me and saying that we had to pay the meter and that god is watching us.
  Amory   --   none (Solomon Islands)
posted: 2012-01-03 07:59:27
Calling all cars, callnig all cars, we're ready to make a deal.
  Jenita   --   none (Luxembourg)
posted: 2012-01-02 03:54:39
Smack-dab what I was lokonig for-ty!
  Eric   --   New York (New York) (United States of America)
posted: 2010-08-23 03:27:54
Driver Allwich Jean Baptiste car #1570 Lic#27944 Plate #929MZA is a dangerous angry man who cursed me out after questioning his meter. Im sure it was not the first time.
  allwich jb    --   Miami (Florida) (United States of America)
posted: 2013-08-27 01:14:50
  Jacalyn    --   none (Dhekelia Sovereign Base Area)
posted: 2012-01-02 02:03:12
Too many compliments too little space, tahnks!
  Dawn Regamey   --   Hamilton (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2010-05-04 02:03:39
Hello, I was in a taxi van on Friday April 30th driven by a driver Jean-Baptiste.  I went from the Majesty of the Seas cruise ship to Miami International airport around 9 am.  I lost my white Adidas ball cap in the cab.  I was wondering if it had been turned in, and if so, is there any way I could get it mailed.
Thank you,
Dawn Regamey
  R   --   Miami (Florida) (United States of America)
posted: 2010-04-12 04:31:37
I took a Flamingo taxi cab from the port of Miami to the FLL airport. Before we left, I advised the driver that I was paying by credit card. When we got to FLL, he stated there would be a 10% credit card surcharge. If he had told me this before, I would have looked for another taxi.
  Shocked passenger   --   Washington (District of Columbia) (United States of America)
posted: 2009-04-10 10:43:58
The taxi cab picked me up from miami airport, and attempted to charge $10 dollars more. When I questioned him,  he began to drive erractic, and insult me.
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