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Independent Taxi Co

Los Angeles taxi service

(California, United States of America)

Independent Taxi Co

Phone number: 6598294

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  Art   --   Los Angeles (California) (United States of America)
posted: 2007-11-20 12:36:04
Ive taking this taxi company a few times to get to work and its usually 24 to 25$ a trip. I guess they raised there prices i payed $27.50 this morning. Drivers are always rude, always. i keep promising to myself i will not choose this company and today was the last straw. we got into a heated argument because i chose not to pay a tip today. he started questioning wether i give tips in restarauints, etc. i told him in none of his business.. etc
taxi cans are smelly and extremly unclean
never again this time i will stand with my decision