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Jet Taxi

Dallas taxi service

(Texas, United States of America)

Jet Taxi

Phone number: 3504600

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  Mary   --   Dallas (Texas) (United States of America)
posted: 2014-09-12 06:18:40
J782 was so busy texting this morning at Mockingbird and Greenville that he blocked traffic for an entire stop light! This made my decision to NEVER use Jet Taxi.)bbd
  Catarina Ford   --   Frisco (Texas) (United States of America)
posted: 2013-03-10 09:10:17
We where going home after work, going up parkwood one of your. Cabs is driving in front of us, it turns to the right into the hotel. They suddenly change their mind and pulls out again right in front of us causing us to slam the brakes and avoid to the rigjt. This happened 9.05 pm mars 11th.
  Terrified   --   Dallas (Texas) (United States of America)
posted: 2012-12-23 10:23:45
Jet Taxi J714. Very rash driver, drives too fast. I was picked up at the airport, guy was driving 70 miles/hour inside the airport. Once out of the airport, was wading through the traffic as if he was rushing somewhere. Did not accept credit card at first, told he did not have the CC reader, but after I said I did not have cash, used the the new "square" iPhone gadget to complete CC transaction. I don't use much of cab services in Dallas as I live here, but the very few occasions I had to take a cab, it's been scary almost in all the instances. Something fundamentally wrong with the cab companies in Dallas (ranger, cowboys, yellow cab) and I really can't point any one cab company in Dallas, but this one was a thrill ride to me.
  kay page   --   Dallas (Texas) (United States of America)
posted: 2012-10-21 01:05:04
I asked to be driven from uptown to coit and 635. It's only 10 miles. The driver charged me $40 for a $20 cab ride. He was mad bc I was alone. Tough crap dude, its your job to drive me with the meter running, not what ever pleases you. Awful awful company
  S   --   Dallas (Texas) (United States of America)
posted: 2012-09-08 11:47:11
Two different jet taxis refused to give me service this evening outside of a bar because I was riding by myself rather than in a big group. I have never been so insulted or outraged in my entire life. Complete trash for drivers.
  Irrate Customer   --   Dallas (Texas) (United States of America)
posted: 2012-08-06 01:22:58
Taxi Driver for Jet Taxi Number J612 is charging 2 dollars to use a credit card and there is no such fee. Talked to a supervisor and she also stated that there is no such fee.
  Brian   --   Dallas (Texas) (United States of America)
posted: 2011-09-27 05:29:08
J628 on 9/27/2011 - Texting, smoking, and driving.
  W Wag   --   Arlington (Texas) (United States of America)
posted: 2011-09-21 10:31:21
I was grocery shopping when I happened to find an orange Jet Taxi Dodge Caravan unit number J686 parked in two parking spaces. One of these spaces happened to be the one my vehicle was parked in. At it's closest point, the Jet Taxi minivan was approximately 6 inches away and was parked at an angle. It is important to note that this parking lot was maybe 1/20th full. As I was backing out, the driver was approaching and waved at me like what he had done was okay. I rolled down my passenger side window and yelled, "do you know how to park?" His excuse was that there was a car that was over the line on the other side. He proceeded to flip me off and say, "f**k you" and "stupid trash white." I would personally drive a stranger across DFW so that they would not have to endure the insulting indignity of using the awful company, Jet Taxi. Never, ever use this company and stay far away from their orange Dodge Caravans.
  Ash    --   Dallas (Texas) (United States of America)
posted: 2013-03-13 15:29:59
Wish I would've seen this regarding J686. He is HORRIBLE! I complained that his vehicle reeked of smoke and he started yellling at me, and called me a b***! Then he kept missing the exits b/c he refused to turn his radio down. I complained to Yellow Cab but doubt anything will happen to this guy!!
  Don Bearden    --   Dallas (Texas) (United States of America)
posted: 2011-11-26 21:09:56
Cab drivers that display this type of behavior can and should be reported to the City of Dallas at 214-670-3161. 
  karan   --   Irving (Texas) (United States of America)
posted: 2011-09-10 01:22:53
CD1 Z900 TAXI never get ride .....Very bad Driver
  Upset   --   Dallas (Texas) (United States of America)
posted: 2011-05-31 04:14:41
Unit J789 thought it would be a good idea to use the shoulder of the freeway instead of waiting in traffic. I thought he should wait behind me so didn't let him in. He proceeded to exit behind me and cut across 2 lanes of traffic only to get stopped at the same traffic light I did, but he was 4 cars ahead of me!!! Reckless and inconsiderate. I would never use Jet Taxi
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