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American United Cab

Chicago taxi service

(Illinois, United States of America)

Address: 2353 W Belmont Ave # 2, Chicago

American United Cab

Phone number: +1 773 248 3400‎

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2.5 stars Ave. rating: 2.5 from 40 votes.
  Laika   --   Chicago (Illinois) (United States of America)
posted: 2007-08-14 03:22:47
I called American a few days ago to go to O'Hare. Cab 5752 showed up. A swarthy gentleman. he began yelling at me when I put my dog, Blackie, in the back seat. What's the difference? My dog had an airline ticket. I told the dispatcher, I was travelling with a pet. I had to take my luggage out of the trunk and flag another cab. American drivers don't drive, they cheat and scream. Never again.
  Sufan   --   Chicago (Illinois) (United States of America)
posted: 2007-08-14 02:18:40
Hey, Doc: while I am busy getting an order over the phone. Don't show up at the same address. You are over at Dispatch. There are plenty of orders out here, if you pay the right price. Now, see if you can satisfy a camel while standing up. Not as easy as you think.
  Bobby   --   Chicago (Illinois) (United States of America)
posted: 2007-08-14 02:09:08
Now here this, all Belmont/Western drivers: in order to pick up your cabs, you will have to sing the following ditty. " Who's the leader of our club, made for you and me. Bob-bob, Bobby" Then, you must smell my ass. It's in your lease agreement.
  Ali G.   --   Chicago (Illinois) (United States of America)
posted: 2007-08-07 12:35:21
Bijan:go to Underbar tonight and meet me. i have a box of gears that your mechanic can insert into the transmission. Simple. You will get a nice 15% raise.Ok, my brother?
  Bijan K.   --   Chicago (Illinois) (United States of America)
posted: 2007-08-07 12:27:11
Any of you brothers out there know where i can get my meter juiced up?
  A. Ubangi   --   Chicago (Illinois) (United States of America)
posted: 2007-08-07 07:21:56
I have driven Bobby Bottalla's cabs for over 10 years. Yes, he double books cabs, loses leases cand cannot get one cab through inspection on the first go. But, he has brought hygiene to the business. He installed a small tent on the grounds for an ass clinic. We sit on our asses all day and we can catch diseases there. He told me so, It must be true. He said that to me in his office when he said he would give me a free anal probe with two fingers. I like Bobby B. very much.
  Bobby B.    --   Chicago (Illinois) (United States of America)
posted: 2007-08-07 19:50:15
Mr. Ubangi: let's not broadcast our friendship. What we give our drivers at American United with clinics and other perks is our business.The city could get involved, then the IRS, then INS,etc. Understand? Call me.
  Ali G.   --   Chicago (Illinois) (United States of America)
posted: 2007-08-06 05:02:10
Ahappy driver is a good driver. On behalf of the observant brothers, i ask the Bottalla brothers the following: quite cheating us, give us prayer rugs, foot-washing basins and no leases during Ramadan.
  Mateen Khan    --   Chicago (Illinois) (United States of America)
posted: 2008-04-16 12:41:30
Salam Brother Ali, I'm planing to to start up in the cab business and i don't know anything about where i will get a taxi for lease please reply to my message with your advice. Thank You!
  tony b    --   Chicago (Illinois) (United States of America)
posted: 2007-08-07 11:45:26
I give u all meals every monday. I give you meals on your holy days! Now u ragheads want more! Now I am doubling your leases on Ramadan and if you take off you will no longer have a cab to drive. You don't like me go an service a camel standing up!!!
  Doc   --   Christmas Island (Christmas Island)
posted: 2007-08-04 11:08:36
Yes I was one of the many drivers that Roger screwed over many times. But when he kicked me out of the association without good cause I felt it was now time I told my story. Yes I was paying off dispatchers so I would get nothing but the finest loads. Yes I was cheating and lying about being closer to the orders then I really was, but whats the big deal, those yuppie bastards are never ready on time any way. I always helped them with their overweight suitcases and other bags after I had started the meter always with a smile on my face while my hands were in their pockets. What does he kick me out for? A non working headlight. Jeezusallah, I don't need 2 headlights, I went to night school so I can see perfectly! Anyway AUCA has quickly become the new place for drivers from the old Wolley cab company. Need I say anything more. Call anyone but this clip joint. You'll be glad you did!
  Mike Hunt   --   Saint Croix (Saint Croix) (United States Virgin Islands)
posted: 2007-08-02 02:11:12
United just is plain god awful!
  Ali G.    --   Chicago (Illinois) (United States of America)
posted: 2007-08-02 14:22:19
I agree with Mr. Mehoff. I've been a driver at AUCA for nearly 30 years. The real idiot is not Roger Bottalla but Dandy Don Perrucci.He has done more to ruin morale than anyone.He has a knack for bad business decisions.
  Jack Mehoff   --   Chicago (Illinois) (United States of America)
posted: 2007-08-02 01:14:44
American Uniteds Roger Bottalla is the biggest phony there is. He says his and his system is fair but nothing is farther from the truth. Customers hate the new system me included. Retire Roger and let United go back to being a great cab company.
  mike hunt    --   Saint Croix (Saint Croix) (United States Virgin Islands)
posted: 2007-08-02 14:14:04
Jack is right on!!!!
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