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New Blue Bird Taxi Co

Asheville taxi service

(North Carolina, United States of America)

New Blue Bird Taxi Co

Phone number: 2588331

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3 stars Ave. rating: 3 from 11 votes.
  Justin Cullars   --   Asheville (North Carolina) (United States of America)
posted: 2015-11-09 11:48:20
Big John should NOT be trusted! He picked us up and took us where we were going. Then when we were leaving we called him as directed. He said he would be there in 20 min. We stood where we were told to for 40 min. He stopped answering phone calls and left us stranded. He is a POS
  triston e.    --   Hendersonville NC (North Carolina) (United States of America)
posted: 2013-01-21 01:18:02
5 star elite service from this company and staff. My family and I were traveling home from Tennessee when my car had a malfunctaion and could have left us stranded. I Google and stumbled upon this company and read a prior review, so I called and big Jon arrived and treated us as if we were family. I'm a businessman and u don't find too often when people are nice and try to be helpful. Well this company did just that. 5 starts and perfect customer service goes to this company. Thanks big Jon your awesome!
  happy    --   Asheville (North Carolina) (United States of America)
posted: 2013-04-23 20:03:51
Sorry trysten e,just realized ur a Man. Big jon is great w everyone &the rest is probably true for men too. He will treat u like fam And while working provide excellent customer service since he says cabbys r in the customer service business. He is also a great driver. I haven driven for a while&would love to pay him $100hr incl gas for driving lessons&even let him use my car the rest of the days he gives me driving lessons,don't Trust anyone else who is not a offical driving teacher to teach me in my car.
  happy    --   Asheville (North Carolina) (United States of America)
posted: 2013-04-23 15:00:47
Careful tristen.big jon is quite the charmer w single moms&ppl who don't have great fam. Did he tell u "your part of our fam now"and maybe hug u&your kid?he will financially take advantage of u,after helpn u&kid financially&other ways,but he's still worth it,so don't test his loyalty when u noticed the advantage. Even w that he's the best bro u could have,just know what's comming in a yr or more.
  Zach   --   Asheville (North Carolina) (United States of America)
posted: 2011-12-26 08:16:17
12/26/11 I am a resident of asheville and a frequent user of Blue Bird. My complaint tonight is not with the driver, however with the rude old man picking up the phones. It is very rare that i am nasty with someone and i almost went there tonight. To sum it up he questioned me on why i needed a cab and twice insinuated that i was a bum or homeless person. I did not ask him if he was a bum or why he has a crap job of picking up phones for a cab company. I hope he reads this and learns what a bad example he leads for this company. It is not a bad cab service. Probably the most speedy service in town. Only when dealing with the phone service does the company really show its flaws... I've had nicer telemarketers AFTER i've told them i have no interest. If the owner takes the time to read these i only have one piece of advice; Hire people who are good with people to awnser the phones. These people damage the image of the company and unfortunatly cause the drivers to lose sales and/or tips.
  rathernotsay    --   Candler (North Carolina) (United States of America)
posted: 2013-04-23 21:42:21
They had the opportunity. I think I'm nice&great On the phone&so did my Driver. We talked in the Cab. He told me everything About the cab business And every time a dispatcher Quit my driver suggested Me. His manager wanted To hire ppl who already Knew Asheville like the back Of their hands. My driver Said he will hlp me get To know the area&if I Don't know something I Can call him on the radio And ask him. But manager Decided he wants ppl Noone has to train even A lil&took drivers&made Them dispatchers. Some Drivers will share their Tips and or fares of big Runs with the dispatcher Who got them the run& Therefore their tip,but Dispatchers don't get tipped By customers for excellent Customers service&drivers Make a lot more money Than dispatchers do,so Pls keep that in mind When talking to dispatchers. Many of them used to b Drivers&made a killing. I know of 1 who makes The best of that,but some R bitter about it.
  missmybestfriendandbrother    --   Asheville (North Carolina) (United States of America)
posted: 2013-04-23 20:13:27
I think I know who ur talkin About. He is semi new. I used The same driver for yrs Who always found my home Even when we moved. I asked For him by name. This one time It was probably that guy who Answered. I asked for the same Driver&gave him the name of Our place. He asked where that Is. I told him my driver has Been here lots of times& Knows where it is. Dispatch Guy said "well I don't know Where it is". I told him my Driver knows how2get here. He said"I don't know how to Get there,I need to know how To get there." He asked me to give him my exact adress. I didn't.
  Marilu   --   none (Mali)
posted: 2011-06-18 08:56:09
You’re the one with the brians here. I’m watching for your posts.
  ugottobekiddingme   --   Asheville (North Carolina) (United States of America)
posted: 2011-04-03 01:02:13
  rathernotsay    --   Candler (North Carolina) (United States of America)
posted: 2013-04-23 20:34:08
R u sure the rude driver was big jon? There have been numerous instances when rude drivers impersonated big jon,I think 1 did not even work for blue bird,just pretanded he did. What did your big jon look like?
  happy    --   Asheville (North Carolina) (United States of America)
posted: 2013-04-23 20:29:36
This is the 1st complained I read about him in the 3yrs I known him&of him,not bad,1 complained in 3yrs&rest r praises.
  happy    --   none (United States of America)
posted: 2013-04-23 15:09:07
I witnessed him carry2ppl in wheelchairs,1in the van&1out of the van&he carried me when he picked me up from hospital&every time I went2dr.he was usually the only1 who loaded,not letting us help cause he said"I have a system"&hlpd unload&turned meter of b4 unloading&we were on fixed income too. He gave me a huge hug when I gave him 4 quarters as a tip cause he knew that was loundry money. He skipped a $40 run2hlp us w a $6run cause we asked1st even though we told him since we just got in&heard it on radio he can pick us up later.he is great with ppl&pets. There used2be reviews of him walking his customers dogs at shops,drs&meetings in addition2being the only1 who helps
  happy   --   Asheville (North Carolina) (United States of America)
posted: 2010-11-11 11:19:46
Big Jon IS the best taxi driver in Asheville,if not in all of NC. He has driven all the way to Cherokee and even tennessee and noone who went with him complained. Big Jon gives THE best customer service. Everything that was said about him is true and you can google blue bird taxi AND reviews and you will find more. You would learn even more of his good qualities but some sites only allow you to post 4000 words and thats not nearly enough to describe his good qualities. When you hire him you will smile, let him know his happiest customers kinda asked you to try riding with him by writing in here. The ppl who take this advise and hire big Jon smile and become his regular customers,the people who dont hire him ask for just anyone maybe even just anyone from blue bird and than find a bunch of sites to complain about the cab company. Its not the company that makes the service excellent,its the driver. Ask for big Jon,Asheville and North Carolinas best taxi driver.
If anyone wants to steal him away from blue bird by offering him more money or more runs,let me know so we and the other customers we met can switch companies too. Call for him after 4pm.The dispatcher for the afternoon is nicer and will get him to you faster. At the very latest the second time you call for him is when he will be there fast if he is working and he is almost alway working but usually takes either a wed or th off.Have fun riding with Ashevilles number 1 cab driver. Please let us know here how you liked it at least after your second time. Now that potential customers read this review,its your choice, do you want to ride with the best or with the rest, the price is the same if not cheaper with the best,cause he will take the best routes and make sure you dont forget anything,not charge for wrong turns and not turn the meter on til after he got you all loaded up and calls in your destination. Other drivers usually start the meter while they watch you load up your own stuff. Big Jon will also not charge you if he makes a wrong turn, he wont charge you for the wrong turn, he will take it off the meter and only charge you for the route he was supposed to take. Others will charge you for their mistake. I even noticed a dispatcher and several drivers not knowing where a passengers destination is. Big Jon knew it and called it in via radio but they wouldnt even try his way and tried using their gps wich did not have the address on there. They probably charged the passenger for all that waiting time. Big Jon would never do that and never rip someone off like that.
  mtvsecretsanta1   --   Asheville (North Carolina) (United States of America)
posted: 2010-11-11 02:33:17
Big Jbig Jon really IS  the best taxi driver ever but esp in Asheville. I too googled best taxi
         driver and Asheville a while ago and big Jons name popped up four times and Chris
         from your cab seemed to be 2nd best.  Than someone posted on here for ppl to look
         up best taxi driver in Asheville and now there is a bunch of taxi drivers claiming to be
         the best or the best ever,but no other customers have said that about their driver. I
         dont even know why Chris is the second best except that he is on time.starting the second time when he is in controll will be on time or before on
         on time.He will find out anything you want him to find out,he will often oppen the doors
         to resturants for you if you want him to wait. He walks all his customers dogs while they
         shop at no extra fee. He will not let any of his customers load their own stuff, he does
         it for them even if they dont tip. Its part of his customer service.He even shares his
         lunch and water with my dog.He doesnt turn the meter on til after you are all loaded up
         and he calls your destination in. If the dispatcher is rude towards you esp if he hears
         it comming from her mouth, he will defend you. He actually told the dispatcher once
         he works for the customer and thats who they should all aim to please. He is also a
         very safe yet quick law obiding driver. We wrote with someone else once when Jon
         was not available.That was scarry. Big Jon always cleans his cab before comming
         to work in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon too.He doesnt smoke,so he
         doesnt stink and neither does his cab. He dosnt stink of bo either like some cabbys
         do. He takes care of himself and has sanitizers in the cab to be even more
          proffesional and he helps you not spent too much on cabs by going the most
         cost effective routes,making sure you dont forget anything and not charging you
         for a wrong turn  if he makes one. He is also very polite and a great conversationalist.
         He wont rip you off just cause you may be too drunk to notice. These are just a few
         of big Jons good qualities. Thats why when trainees come to be trained they get
         trained with big Jon. His boss saw these reviews and wants the new drivers to learn
         from the best taxi driver. Any other drivers reading this instead of tooting your own
          horn, why not copy big Jon,do all the things he does and dont charge extra for that.
         Big Jon even oppend the cab door for me quite a bit. Anyone not willing to ask for big
          jon twice cause first time dispatcher is in control,second time since you can talk to
         him, big Jon is in control will be disapointed.While everyone who doesnt ride with
         big Jon his personal customers are smiling and loughing with him,not about you
         guys, just cause we are in a great mood and cant help but lough. I hire him when I am
          in a horrible mood under major stress so I can get destressed. There was once I was
         so stressed I didnt think even big jon could make me lough but decided I would try and
         glad to report I was wrong, he did make me forget all about my problems in a legal
         moral way. There is one driver under best taxi driver that the ppl said they think he is
         the best because he gave them a couple of joints. Big Jon gets ppl high on life
         instead. Big Jon is the best taxi driver mostly cause of his exceptional customer
         service to all his customer regardless of how many legs they have and the details
          of his customer service is given here.  I agree there is no reputable cab company
         in Asheville, there is one and only one reputable cab driver in Asheville and he
         happens to be working for blue bird. This does not by far mean that all blue bird
         drivers are great. I would never want to feel like all of you are feeling. Thats why I only
         hire the best taxi driver, not the company but the driver and his name is Big Jon.
          Our neighboers see us loughing together when he drops us off and have started
         using him.
  petloverfam   --   Asheville (North Carolina) (United States of America)
posted: 2010-10-27 02:18:20
Big Jon is what makes this excellent service. You may have to wait for him the first time but once you talk to him you will never have to wait long again, he will load any bags or luggage you have incl grocerys in the cab for you and not start the meter until after you are loaded up and he calls it in and if he makes a wrong turn he wont charge you for it.He is great with pets and seniors but with everyone. The last couple from charlotte who saw one of his reviews and used him once because of the reviews did not regret it and used him their entire stay here after wards. If you call blue bird and ask for big Jon to get you you like us and that couple from charlotte will not regret it. We used big Jon in between that couples rides so he told us what they told him. google blue bird taxi review or taxi AND asheville, to see more of the reviews of big Jon and what he does to provide great service, he will even defend you against rude ppl incl rude dispatchers etc. Everyone heard it last sat 1:30 ish since dispatcher likes to talk over radio for everyone to hear. He did tell her he works for the customer and implied thats who they should aim to please.
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