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City Yellow Cab

Akron taxi service

(Ohio, United States of America)

City Yellow Cab

Phone number: 2533141

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2 stars Ave. rating: 2 from 5 votes.
  hawkins   --   Akron (Ohio) (United States of America)
posted: 2011-12-31 10:34:10
Horrible service!! I called at 10 pm for a ride from Copley to Downtown Akron, they said it would be a half an hour. I received a call around 10:30 that was just background music. I called the dispatcher to ask if my driver my have been confused about my address, as no one was outside. I was then transferred to my driver that said that I was not willing to pay enough so he would not be picking me up! When I called Yellow initially, I had asked for a quote but NEVER said that I was not willing to pay more. After being hung up on, I called dispatch again and they said someone must be playing a joke on me and that the driver was on the way. Around 11:30, I called the dispatcher AGAIN and he said they would not pick me up or deal with me and hung up!! I don't know what kind of management they have in place, but please save your time and DO NOT USE YELLOW CAB!!!