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Church's Minibuses

Newbury taxi service

(Berkshire, United Kingdom)

Address: Newbury Rd, Kingsclere
Address: Birmingham, West Midlands B8 1ND
Address: Newbury, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Church's Minibuses

Phone number: 01256 331040

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  loevmkhzs   --   none (Eritrea)
posted: 2013-02-24 11:38:08
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  uafeta   --   none (Guinea)
posted: 2013-02-21 09:38:59
4VMHMN kxhvokicgwrl
  Drew   --   none (Slovakia)
posted: 2013-02-20 05:39:13
I love all the experimenting you're doing! That's the best way to learn and gives me cluase to revisit some experiences I've had.From what I understand, the carbohydrates/sugars in milk (lactose and glucose) are wrapped in protein skeins, like yarn. Proteins start breaking down, or denaturing, at about 100F, exposing the sugars to roam about more freely. At 150F the proteins start to denature rapidly, exposing even more sugars. At 185F, about 95% of proteins are completely denatured. Aside from the hydrophobic affect of some of these proteins (milk-water and fats separating quickly), there should be not a lot of taste due to these elements. The Lactose and Glucose, however, being fats, melt under heat. They turn to oils, trap the air and create micro foam. Perhaps a test of letting it separate and tasting the liquid vs oil/air mixture would be cool? Basically, 130-140 seems to be the ideal balance of exposed sugars vs whole proteins in the mix. Once a protein is denatured, though, there is no reforming it even as it cools. There's a word for that; when a compound can be broken but not reformed naturally, I forget.On a side note and for awkwardness' sake, I just read that guinea pigs, whales, and seals have about a 50% fat content in their milk, where as even the Jersey's from High Lawn have only 5.6%.Narwhal breve?
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