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Phoenix Taxi

Lakenheath taxi service

(Suffolk, United Kingdom)

Phoenix Taxi

Phone number: 533060

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4 stars Ave. rating: 4 from 27 votes.
  brenda Moore   --   Londonderry (Londonderry) (United Kingdom)
posted: 2013-01-16 06:25:48
Hi its Irish girls tht stay at bird in hand. . Brilliant services all year round. Getlemen drivers. We love u guys. . Aka Darren n John
  kelly blount   --   Ames (Iowa) (United States of America)
posted: 2012-01-31 10:31:49
What is your policy of leaving a client stranded at the airport because you thought is was long enough to wait and then charge the full amount of ride, although came thru customs late because with child and ours was not the only international flight landing that day.
  Doug   --   Cambridge (Cambridgeshire) (United Kingdom)
posted: 2012-01-18 05:30:42
I tried using Phoenix Taxi four times. First time no show from Lakenheath housing to Lodging. Almost missed my flight. Then from Lakenheath to Mildenhall they were two hours late. Then the forth time no show again. I've tried to book a taxi from base housing to Lodging this time they said they don't have any drivers..DON'T USE UNLESS YOU WANT TO MISS A FLIGHT OR JUST BE LATE!!
  Linda    --   Bury St. Edmunds (United Kingdom)
posted: 2015-04-27 14:51:27
Dear Doug ... This statement is a total lie.... You obviously work for another taxi firm and are trying to blacken Phoenix name. To be honest if you had been let down by this firm once let alone twice you would have not used them again. But four times come on, even that is less realistic than a hansel and gretel fairy tale. Shame on you for using such underhanded tactics...
  shane   --   Lakenheath (Suffolk) (United Kingdom)
posted: 2009-02-07 03:09:20
I never write on these comment things but i feel I have to say something. Phoenix you are a reliable friendly firm, and I would like to thank you for looking after us all when we go out on our evenings out. We use you for all our airport runs and you have always been brilliant.
 Thanks again.Shane 
  Do Not Use Phoenix Taxi   --   Lakenheath (Suffolk) (United Kingdom)
posted: 2009-01-18 06:07:06
Left me stranded at the airport.  After speaking with friends, I found I'm not the only one.  They took my credit card details when I booked the taxi, so I'm putting a fraud report on it for fear of a scam by them.
  Kelly    --   Cambridge (Cambridgeshire) (United Kingdom)
posted: 2009-09-08 08:50:26
you bitter twisted old man, I bet you have never made a mistake in your life, as far as i am concerned you want to get a life.....
  chris    --   Lakenheath (Suffolk) (United Kingdom)
posted: 2009-02-08 12:44:50
Very pleased with Phoenix taxi service, use them all the time, always been there waiting at the airport for me. My friends all use them for airport runs and never had a problem.  
  sheila    --   Lakenheath (Suffolk) (United Kingdom)
posted: 2009-02-07 15:05:16
you did not read the POSTING CONDITIONs.....slanderous.... is not supose to be careful
  Mike Smith    --   Cambridge (Cambridgeshire) (United Kingdom)
posted: 2009-01-31 01:15:35
I was the first point of contact that you made on that unfortunate night we failed to pick you up from stansted and I can only say sorry again on behalf on Phoenix Taxi. We have since implemented an extra measure to make sure a airport booking is never missed in the future. I would like to state again as I did that night,that no charge has or will be made to you're card. I also did offer to come and pick you up but it would take 45 mins. for me to get there,you declined my offer.I then advised you to whereabouts of the stansted airport taxi office so I dont stranded or fraud are the right words here but admit letdown this time and I accept you will never use us (as you stated) again. You are more than welcome to come and see us on lakenheath for a more detailed explanation of the error that happened with you're pick up booking,I presume you were happy enough with the take down trip to have made the pick (return booking)? Best wishes Mike Smith. On behalf of Phoenix Taxi.
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