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Five Twos Taxis

Aylesbury taxi service

(Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom)

Address: 175 cambridge street

Five Twos Taxis

Phone number: 0044 01296 422222

Company background

Five Twos Taxis is the one an only 100% wheelchair accessable hackney taxi firm in aylesbury town and have been since 1985, All our vehicle are black in colour mainly purpose built london style black cabs, we are 100% licenced to pick up passengers off the street without bookings whereas all other firms have to be booked in advance. All Five Twos Taxi drivers are knowledged and know there way around aylesbury vale an surrounding villages very well, We are mainly situated in aylesbury town ranks and outside stations and other public intrest points and you can also pre-book by calling up the office so if your out in aylesbury town shopping and don't have enough time to ring up a private hire firm just go to one of our ranks which are located in various parts or the town center an we will be more than happy to fulfill your taxi needs.

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Service description

By using Five Twos Taxis you know your fully insured and all our drivers are licenced. In aylesbury don't get into a taxi without pre-booking unless its a black purpose built hackney taxi with a visible led taxi light.

Aprox. prices

All our prices are controlled by aylesbury vale council and the fare tariffs are displayed in each vehicle.

Company fleet


Company message

Aylesburys finest taxis


mobile paymentgroups transporthandicaped special accessbaby seat

Spoken languages


Main destinations aprox. fares

Milton keynes = 35
Luton = 40
Thame = 20
1st Mile = 3
Mile therfore = 1.80

Rate Five Twos Taxis
3 stars Ave. rating: 3 from 12 votes.
  Rebecca   --   Buckinghamshire (United Kingdom)
posted: 2013-12-26 02:18:48
Absolutely astounding!!!!!!! My first experience with them and definitely will be my last experience with them! First experience was on boxing day at 10am, a few taxi's of the same company were all in one area not busy at all. Went in one taxi, had lots of bags (Didin't assist at all) went in got settled for about 30 seconds then tried getting the taxi drivers attention as I wanted to know the cost of the journey which would be a 10 minute drive maximum including traffic, after repetitively saying in a loud voice "Excuse me", "Taxi Driver" and evening clapping to get his attention, to ask the query we was already on a main road. He said today that the prices would be around 5-6. I would have jumped out if I had known this earlier, as I was on a main road and has lots of bags with me I decided to just stay. Whilst in the taxi, I realised that the back red lights which light up when the doors a securely shut kept flicking on and off meaning that they were secure and not secure, totally unsafe especially if there are vulnerable minded customers in the back seat e.g drunk people or children. When I reached near my final destination I noticed that the fare tab had risen to 7.50 and asked the taxi driver how much it's be, at that time he chose to ignore my question and kept asking which side of Watermead I wanted to go and then final responded changing his original answer 5-6 saying that it would vary. Being quite annoyed as I was I told him to drop me off at the nearest stop, in the end I paid 7.50, I told the driver that I was unhappy with the service and that he should have told me that there would be a special price today, all he said to me was that he was "sorry" and that he had just started his shift, I then responded that this is your job, it doesn't matter whether you had just started and then asked him that i found him rude for not responded earlier to me after repeptively trying to get his attention. He chose not to answer and said that tomorrow would be back to normal prices which I responded with, i don't care as i will not be using this taxi service ever again! People wanting a taxi in aylesbury, I would whole heartly suggest using falcons taxi or Atlas taxi, my only downfall today was not sticking with regular taxi companies due seeing the five two's taxi just in front of me and not wanting to call my regular taxis up and wait for them to arrive.