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Stockholm taxi

Sweden taxi

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  xcqdmw   --   none (Costa Rica)
posted: 2012-08-09 02:19:11
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  qwiaiazumgm   --   none (Gambia)
posted: 2012-08-09 02:08:11
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  Michelle   --   none (Guinea Bissau)
posted: 2012-08-08 12:26:20
Hi Elaine,Your plan sounds good, and very dbaole. the only thing I would suggest is at the end of the day when you are finished at Gamla Stan is to head back to the water front and find one of the many bus stops and look for 76. The correct bus will be 76 Frihamnen.The point to point tickets do not cover the ferry. The 24 hour cards are SEK 100 each (under 20 and over 65 get a reduced rate SEK 60) and they include the ferry. You are correct, the drivers carry no cash at all and will not sell any tickets. Be aware that they may add SEK 20 to the cards because they have gone to a new system and want people to keep the cards and recharge them as needed. Not really fair for day trippers, but what can you do?I would probably bite the bullet and get the 24 hour card just for peace of mind and you won't have to worry about waiting in anymore lines etc. When I travel I don't mind spending a few extra bucks for peace of mind. There is a counter at the Frihamnen terminal where you can buy transport tix.Enjoy your trip,Al
  Frances Ma   --   Hong Kong (Hong Kong (China))
posted: 2012-05-30 11:14:17
Hello, our group is 12 people, we will be disembark in Stockholm Frihamnen by Mss Marina . we need 2 transfer: 1) from port to Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel on 12 July 10:00 2) from Hotel to airport on 14 July 2012.
  Roman   --   Saint Petersburg (Russia) (Russia)
posted: 2012-04-24 04:29:56
Hello, we need a taxi for our group 13 pax from Arlanda Airport to the hotel First Amaranten in Stockhol on 10/05/12 at 09:15 am. Please, let me know the price for this transfer. Best regards, Roman
  Mazal   --   Kfar Saba (Israel)
posted: 2012-04-09 03:07:41
can we pay the taxi driver by credit card?
  alberto   --   Reggio di Calabria (Calabria) (Italy)
posted: 2011-06-09 01:47:00
excuse me we are 5 people; On 7 july, around 6 pm, we have to go to Sollentuna 15 minutes by car a north of Stockholm from Central Stationin Stockholm only go. How much does it cost?thanks for all albert
  mar   --   Valladolid (Castilla y Leon) (Spain)
posted: 2011-04-12 09:14:37
what's the price for a taxi from the airport to the Grand Hotel
  Stefano    --   Stockholm (Sweden)
posted: 2010-06-16 02:46:10
hello i would like to know how much costs a taxi from t-centralen to this address Sandfjärdsgatan 54 (Årsta) THX
  peter moberg   --   Stockholm (Sweden)
posted: 2008-05-21 07:00:50
Hi! Sorry to bother you again. I wrote earlier, making you note that the company "Taxi Stockholm" has phonenumber +468 15 00 00.
Today this number is registred on Stockholm Taxi which is incorrect.
Kind regards, Peter Moberg
Taxi Stockholm
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