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Douties Transport

Ottery taxi service

(West Cape, South Africa)

Address: 15a Newmarket Rd, Ottery

Douties Transport

Phone number: +27 021 6921136
Phone number: +27 021 7037143
Phone number: +27 083 2853611


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  simone   --   Grassy Park (West Cape) (South Africa)
posted: 2010-07-14 09:29:32
I am enquiring about the following:
I am organisisng a hen party and need a ride to pick up about 6 ladies from Grassy Park and to be dropped off in Town (CBD) and then to be picked up again from the CBD and dropped off at 1) Elsies River and 2) Grassy Park.
Please advise if this is possible and the costs thereof and if you service operates at all hours