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Johannesburg Southern Suburbs Taxi Associates

Eldorado Park taxi service

(Gauteng, South Africa)

Address: 87 Boekenhout St Ext 3, Eldorado Park, 1812

Johannesburg Southern Suburbs Taxi Associates

Phone number: +27 011 9451619
Phone number: +27 011 3422416


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  Yvette Smith   --   Johannesburg (Gauteng) (South Africa)
posted: 2015-09-18 09:29:10
its was friday the 18/09/2015 @ 18:30-45 pm taxi driver unknown but number plate ZPJ 613 GP yellow and white taxi assaulted my boyfriend for no reason just need to confirm his name in order to take matters further. please help asap.
  Bella   --   Eldorado Park (Gauteng) (South Africa)
posted: 2015-09-12 11:22:43
I would like to lodge a complaint to the driver of a Quatum with plate numbers DV72CCGP... he was rude and he refiused to give us our change and he got so irrated to the point were he was speeding and passing with people from where they were supposed to get off. He swore at us and didn't care or show respect for passangers
  jacoline    --   Eldorado Park (Gauteng) (South Africa)
posted: 2015-08-28 10:58:09
A lady shouted twice to get off the foolish driver couldn't hear coz of his loud music, when he finally decided to stop far from where the lady was suppose to get off, when the lady got off she banged the door, the stupid driver reversed and bumped her and drove off that was just too cruel and sad plate number DP 84MX. GP
  antonia   --   Johannesburg (Gauteng) (South Africa)
posted: 2015-08-24 09:30:31
I have a problem with some drivers. You tour the whole morning to sun city, southgate, ridgeway you name it we go without complaints, but tell them you getting of at Sivewright then they don't go there you must get of and get another taxi pay again for local where as it is their route. I mean they render a service not just to some people to all of us making use of the taxi services. It's wrong totally wrong.
  Roselin   --   Eldorado Park (Gauteng) (South Africa)
posted: 2015-03-16 02:56:15
Hello..... I wake up early every Monday due to the poor service i get from association, we have to wait in long queues while taxis load local trips or drive by empty. Queue marshall are useless as they can't even manage to get taxis. Main road @ the shopping centre is an issue where we stand @ the bus stop @ the robots for close 30mins, guys from the association come and request we stand opposite from where the taxis are coming ....which i believe is pointless because we stand longer (1hr 45mins).....can you tell me is it possible to be standing from 05h40 and only get in a taxi @ 06h50.....KAN DAARS IETS GEDOEN WORD VAN DIE DIENS IS SOMA GEMORS!!!!!
  Peter Wax   --   Johannesburg (Gauteng) (South Africa)
posted: 2015-03-02 01:16:04
It is really bad service we get from Eldo's taxi's. one driver acutally bragged as to how much he makes in the morning with just his local loads from Freedom Park. While we stand in lines for more than 1 hour. evem the Q marshalls are not doing their jobs properly.This need to be addressed serioulsy in your next meeting failing to do so we will seek alternative transportation (bus service) and then you can TOI TOI again.
  very dissapointed commuter   --   Johannesburg (Gauteng) (South Africa)
posted: 2015-02-23 12:05:48
What is the point of you guys offering your telephone number if it stays busy for two hours on end. Laat Bara ons net service maybe we will get the service which we pay for. Ek vra n nommer vir julle office wat werk toe.
  dissapointment in service    --   Eldorado Park (Gauteng) (South Africa)
posted: 2015-03-02 12:08:44
the service we getting the pasttwo months is pathetic, we at the tennis court are effected the monst and have to wait for more than a hour for a taxi, that is very bad service
  Lwando   --   Johannesburg (Gauteng) (South Africa)
posted: 2014-10-15 10:02:56
I left my bag in a taxi and it has my important documents,like ID and certificates please contact me if you happen to find it. the taxi was from kliptown to town. my no 0737800142. Thank you
  Brads   --   Eldorado Park (Gauteng) (South Africa)
posted: 2014-09-01 05:12:14
hi, please help with taxi at cnr goud nd silver....Evryday with no fail we hav 2 wait nd wait nd wait, while empty taxi drive pass, please help the people.
  freddy    --   Cape Town (West Cape) (South Africa)
posted: 2014-10-20 05:43:04
Yo brads I use to grow up in that parts a long time ago...still got fam and friends there would like to get in touch with them...the name is freddy cloete and I'm looking for michael, manny, bevan, landi, belinda and my aunties geraldine and michelle they all lived in those flats in silver str next to the school and cricket whatsapp nr is 0746077427 plz if u cn help me get in touch with them I'd appreciate it
  PAUL SMITH(0736797038)   --   Eldorado Park (Gauteng) (South Africa)
posted: 2014-05-20 02:01:48
Hi I life in Eldorado park Ext 4---work in Booysense(JhB). It is very dificult to get to Booysense in the morning from 05h50 to 06h30 as most of the taxi's goes strait to town---but in the afternoon they are ready to wait for us...if this continue we will bring in BARA TAXI to sort out this problem as ELDO'S doing nothing about this. We are allready negotiating with them...and are just waiting.
  Sthe    --   Eldorado Park (Gauteng) (South Africa)
posted: 2014-09-09 14:11:29
Hi I agree with you Paul, the service from this Assosiation is very poor. The drivers, and queue marshalls treat us the passengers like they doing us a favour. They just pass by Siyaya prefering to go local while people are standing in a queue waiting for hours. Same afternoon, you wait for hours in the Bree taxi rank and some they even refuse to take people to Siayaya.BARA TAXIS always available.
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