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Rose Travel & Enterprises Ltd

Braamfontein taxi service

(Gauteng, South Africa)

Address: 20 De Korte St Everite Hse 5th Flr, Braamfontein, Johannesburg 2001

Rose Travel & Enterprises Ltd

Phone number: +27 011 4039625
Phone number: +27 011 4039896 (fax)
Phone number: +27 082 9302530

Company background

Rose Taxis is something of and institution in Johannesburg. Started in 1934 by Henry Rose, the company was taken over by a group of 40 Rose taxi drivers in 1951. They started the Taxi Association and gradually increased the number of drivers. In 1973 they formed Rose Travel and Enterprises Ltd and Rose Travel Insurance. At present Rose Taxis has 224 drivers operating a 24 hour service seven days a week.

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  MALA PILLAY   --   Johannesburg (Gauteng) (South Africa)
posted: 2012-03-08 07:22:07
On behalf of Nedbank Acc no 13029, due to various staff complaints I have the following complaints against Roses Taxi Services 1.Slip nos are requested at time of booking, however when the taxis arrive, they rather request destination and not slip nos, they then opt to take the people with the farthest destinations regardless of whether or when they phoned.2.When the Taxi's do not arrive after a long while, and Roses offices are contacted, they ask the patron to call specific drivers at their own cost, this is not the responsibilty of the customer, as we do not employ the services of the drivers but of Roses. The drivers are contracted to Roses.Roses should make provisions.3.Staff are left standing for hours without further notification of what is happening and why there is a provisions are made for them.4.when the staff asked a driver what slip no he was here for, he simply replied slip no "soweto" CAR REG NOS OF VEHICLES GUILTY OF THIS ON 07.03.2012 BWP033GP BD57MSGP BMT895GP KMX357GP JYV210GP JZZ378GP DMZ476GP RYJ492GP 5.numerous staff are loaded into one taxi, where the driver takes all the slips from each person and produces it individually to claim per then seems like he has driven back and forth from the pick up point to the destination, when in actual fact, he has dropped off along the way.We do understand that there are busy periods, however these are not acceptable from a service provider.Customers should be advised during these busy periods so as to avoid such instances. Why are we providing slip nos if the drivers say " they are not looking at slip nos" We have been advised by staff at Roses, most recently Rookshana,that this is not the case. The drivers should be taking passengers as per slip nos only. This has happened on numerous occassions during peak and off peak periods.Very disappointing to say the least.