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Confort Taxi

Bucharest taxi service

(Bucharest, Romania)

Address: str.Valea Oltului nr.37-41, sector6

Confort Taxi

Phone number: 9455
Phone number: +40214441133
Phone number: 0745509455
Phone number: 0723399455
Yahoo ID: confort_taxi

Company fleet


Main destinations aprox. fares

Bucharest = 50 eurocents/km

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  adele   --   Paris (Ile de France) (France)
posted: 2012-07-29 02:39:01
I just arrived to Bucharest for a two day stay. I had a very bad experience with a taxi driver i took from the airport. i checked with him the fare to get to the city center and agreed on 10 Euros. Ten minutes into th ride he stopped ma at a hidden ATM machine and asked me to draw 800 rei or the equivalent of 180 Euros. He explained that 10 euros we agreed on was the price per km; i quickly realised that i was being conned and felt in a very weak position. Luckily for me another person came to draw money form that same ATM machine and my taxi driver stood back on the pavement. Whe i got into th ecar i told that he is ripping off he asked fo rht emoney immlediately and said i will not leave hi scar if i don't pay. We were few minutes away from my hotel. He started sceaming and shouting when i told hile that i need to check with he hotel if the fare is right. He locked the passenger door and tried to dive off. when i checked in at the hotel i told the person at the reception what had happened, they checked the taxi detials as he gave me a receipt and they confirled that the company name on the receipt is fake. I was left shaken by this experience and i just can't wait to get back home.
  Joseph   --   Victoria (British Columbia) (Canada)
posted: 2007-12-19 12:25:16
Ecaterina, don't use Confort Taxi. I recently stayed at the NH Hotel in Bucharest from Dec 13 to 16, 2007. They booked one of the two recommended taxi companies that the hotel uses. They called Confort. I needed a ride to the airport to catch a flight. The driver told my friend who was with me as an interpreter that he needed to charge me an extra 15 Lei for the trip in addition to what the meter showed since he claims he does not have anyone to take back from the airport. He would be making a non-profitable trip back. By the way, this is what he said half way thru the trip to the airport. Once I reached the hotel, I called the hotel to complain about this guy. No luck. Use Fly Taxi, who does take reservations and they are the only licensed official taxi for Bucharest Airport.  I only found this out later. By the way, this was the third taxi guy to scam me. Corruption is still a way of life in Romania dispite what the Government and the Tourism officials say. I think the government there is toothless and gutless to do something about travellers being fleeced by dishonest Romanians.
  Ecaterina   --   Chisinau (Chisinau) (Moldova)
posted: 2007-12-12 05:34:45
I have flight in early February 2008 from Otopeni to the US. I will be arriving in Bucharest by train to Gara de Nord early in the morning around 5.30am. I will have about 3-3.5 hours until my plane will be leaving from the airport and I need to make sure I am in time for it. Can I book a taxi in advance and pay it by credit/debit card or even better at the spot? Thank you. Sincerely, Ecaterina
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