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Anjali B Chakraborty about Bombay Taximens Union  Anjali B Chakraborty   --   Bombay / Mumbai (Maharashtra) (India)
posted: 2014-04-29 04:26:49
Hello, i had taken a taxi from 18 no. plat form where i came by duronto express today i.e. 29th April, 2014 at about 11.35 am.My family and i took a taxi there the person said he is from Harayan and wore a white shirt and payjama like white. He is tall , fair shaved head but hair has grown and also little hair grown on face aged about 40 +. he said he is from Hariyana and doing part time taxi job. He works for Intercontinental hotel ( previously Nataraj Hotel at Churchgate)and is duty is at 4.00 pm. today. I FORGOT AN ATTACHY BAG BROWN COLOUR CONTAINING MY husband BIMAL KUMAR CHAKRABORTY'S MEDICAL REPORTS , HOUSE SALE DOC AND BOI, IND BANK CHEQUE BOOKS. MAIN IS I AM SERIOUSLY ILL TO BE ADMITTED IN HOSPITAL AND NEEDS THIS REPOST AND THE EXPENSES OF AMOUNT SPEND IN CALCUTTA NEEDS TO BE SUMITTED FOR MEDI CLAIM. KINDLY CHECK WITH CST TAXI MEN AND ARRANGE TO RETURN THE BAG AT THE EARLIEST BY TOMORROW MORNING. ALSO PLEASE LOOK OUT FOR THE PERSON IN INTER CONTINENTAL HOTEL . THANKS A LOT . PLEASE GET THE ATTACHY TO ME AS MY HUSBAND IS TO BE HOSPITALISED TOMORROW.PL CONTACT ME ON 9833284960
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