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jacqueline about Karwa | Taxi Doha

  jacqueline   --   Singapore (Singapore) (Singapore)
posted: 2014-03-01 04:03:54
Do not normally take the taxi here in Doha. The following reasons are: 1) It is monopolized, the petrol cost lower but the taxi charge cost so high. 2) The taxi drivers are 95% bad. 3) The taxi drivers insist they do not carry smaller notes and round up by QR5 or QR10 from the total bill. 4) The drivers sometimes asked or talked too much. 5) Most drivers do not use the meters. But today 1 March 2014, I ordered for taxi at 0040 as the taxis waiting outside my office will raise the price and not use the meter. The first time I called the hotline, it was picked up at a reasonable waiting time. The hotline staff said it would be available and would pick me up in half hour time and that would be 0110. At 0118, the taxi did not appear and I called the hotline again. No one pick up the hotline number claiming all the agents are busy with other customers. I was using my prepaid mobile and I waited for a total of 19 minutes before someone took my call. By this time, I scolded the agent that I had been waiting for the taxi for 27 minutes more than it should be and the time was then 0137. I also chided him that nobody is working at the hotline. He checked and gave me the taxi driver number which was 77673764 and the car plate is 1502 and it will arrived in 5 minutes. I waited for 5 minutes, no taxi came and I called the taxi mobile and he did not pick up. I called the hotline again and this time I was angrier. There were so many available taxi that was passing by the main road and he could not get any to come into my place! This is ridiculous! The taxi finally came at 0149. The government should really do something.
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