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Vijay about Bombay / Mumbai taxi services  Vijay   --   none (Morocco)
posted: 2013-08-29 04:46:50
Dear HilaryI'm a friend of Trekhal's from Kenya. I saw his link to your blog and am up waniitg for my workaholic lawyer boyfriend to return home from work somewhere circa 11pm. So I'm generally just delving into people's personal business on Facebook as a way of keeping myself awake.Its excellent- the blog. I laughed heaps. Two things I can recommend if you don't already know- when you take off your shoes, wash your hands immediately (that's unless you didn't use your hands and just kicked them off) and the salt and water to wash your veg, bleach and water works a treat too. I'd also say before eating anything, or generally putting anything near your mouth, eyes, or noes use that alcohol gel sanitiser. Though I realise given you can't access basic food supplies and may not want to look like a neurotic foreigner this may not be the best suggestion.Also you'll be happy to know I've lived in South Africa, Kenya and Australia and I've never seen eggs that are refridgerated in a store though I keep them in the fridge at home. I also eat eggs that expired 6 months before so maybe I'm not the best egg-pert.Anyway it may be frustrating at times, but I'm sure its all worth it.Take care,Kelly
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