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Nick about Ace Cab

  Nick   --   Chicago (Illinois) (United States of America)
posted: 2009-10-01 03:25:05
Ace Cab #5614 was a nightmare: 1) He almost hit a pedestrian while pulling out of a car wash before picking me up (that should have been my first clue) 2) He didn't know where he was going even though my destination was LaSalle St Metra station, one of 4 main commuter train hubs downtown. He took a route that was 10+ blocks out of the way. 3) He refused to discount my fare by more than one dollar, which was not nearly enough, and was rude and combative. I cab several times a day, every day, and will NEVER take an Ace Cab again.
go back  |  replies (1)  Jason    --   Chicago (Illinois) (United States of America)
posted: 2012-11-09 07:39:46
Nick, Don't let one bad apple ruin it for the rest of the folks. I can tell you from wisdom my young lad. There are bad apples in every bunch. This included police officers, teachers (where were the hot femail teachers sleeping with kids when I was growing up) and even in your inbred family. In conclusion when you take LaSalle Street Station to go to the Joy-let, take command when you know your driver is off course and jump out of the cab and refuse to pay all together. If you miss the train, have a beer at the billy goat.

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