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svoja about Bucharest taxi services  svoja   --   Bratislava (Slovakia)
posted: 2013-06-25 12:09:38
Conversation started today 22:05 PeriPower Periphery Power Maybe very often, maybe only if necessary I use a taxi What would it be to order a taxi without a lengthy search for a phone number on the info line? What would you say to that, even before you take a taxi, you know your final price for a ride? Imagine the feeling of security, if you order a taxi driver with an excellent rating (not a rapist, not a liar, do not smoke in the car, ....) Have all this you just need have a phone with the Internet ( OS Android, or Apple ) and write your email here: The App is free! Neither a taxi drivers do not come in short: Every registered customer, anywhere in the world, is available in the database for each registered taxi driver. Can you imagine VOCs database? )) Clients will also guest taxi drivers, which means that the car can not take anyone who once attacked as a taxi driver. Clients with a high rating will be the ones more solvent, using a taxi very often on scheduled routes. There is no better, faster and efective opportunity for work! Of course the taxi driver needs a mobile phone with internet too, ( OS Android, or Apple ), that could identify where a client which it expects and needs work. Also you therefore please register here: the app is free.
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