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m.pushpa about Mumbai Taxi | Meru cabs  m.pushpa   --   Bombay / Mumbai (Maharashtra) (India)
posted: 2009-07-28 05:04:09
on july 13 ,the meru cab booked by me for travel from santacruz to cuffe parade failed to turn up despite being confirmed by the call centre .what was worse and more frustrating was lodging a complaint on july 15 .the call centre lady was most reluctant to transfer the call to a customer services mamager and asked umpteen inane irrelevant questions bordering on red tape and bureaucracy ,arguing that the manager is insisting on this info .finally ms patricia came on the line and she refused to give me her full name and designation saying it is company policy.on july 17 ms ashwini spoke to me and she too refused to give her designation .she gave me a amateurish explanation about the shoddy and defecient sevice lapse .the only reason one wants to know the designation is that one wants to know if the right person duly authorised is handling the complaint.being accessible and available is what customer service is all about .next i spoke to mr gavin,head of marketing , on july 24 and he too promised that i would hear from the company .its been two weeks since i lodged the complaint and i am still to hear something proper . 
go back  |  replies (1)  Saurav    --   Mumbai (Maharashtra) (India)
posted: 2009-08-04 06:02:20
Recently I availed the services of a cab from the airport's prepaid counter andhad to pay Rs.360 for the same distance that a Meru cab charged me Rs.298 by meter. Why should a customer pay more for the same distance with uncourteous drivers and unclean cabs? The state should interveneand ensure that citizens get better services rather than getting blackmailed by the taxiwallahs.

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