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Javier about Zurich taxi services  Javier   --   none (Haiti)
posted: 2012-12-27 12:13:49
If you go Rome-Florence-Venice-Austria-Germany and skipped Switzerland the best opiton would be by a combination of train, bus and plane. Mostly train, but not using the eurail pass. Italy, Austria and Germany have very good offers for travelling cheap by train. Train prices in Italy are so cheap it is a bad idea to buy a Eurail pass. The pass is more expensive than the tickets the Italian people buy.In Germany you have got the Happy-Weekend ticket, the Laender-Ticket (one of them is the Bayern-Ticket) and the buy-it-in-advance-online special. Austria also has an buy-it-in-advance-online special and a ticket called Einfach-mal-raus that is similar to Germany's Laender- and Happy-Weekend-Tickets.pdf-file for Bayern-Ticket:For Einfach-Raus-Ticket: Travel with Einfach-Raus, Happy-Weekend and Bayern-Ticket can be very slow, but the price is very good!For long-distance travel it is usually best to use budget flights. For example, it is possible to book a flight from Venice to Prague for 9 EUR with SkyEurope Airlines I saw that price for a flight on March 27th. Last year in May I paid 25 EUR to fly from Venice to Leipzig. SeeNote that if you got only 2 weeks it is best to focus on just one country. Italy would be good. You would need around 1400 EUR for 2 weeks of travelling in Europe for the 2 of you, staying at hostels and eating food from the supermarkets.Feel free to email me if you got more questions.
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