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Jonathan Jobes about Taxis Combined Services  Jonathan Jobes   --   Perth (Western Australia) (Australia)
posted: 2015-03-28 11:31:05
Honeymooners Gutted ! I left a small dark grey Kathmandu back pack with green stitching in the front seat of a 2009/2010 ford falcon taxi on Friday 27/03/2015 at approximately 8-8:20pm . We got the taxi from Bondi to the IMAX in Darling Harbour. The back pack has a canon camara inside . This camara holds nearly all of our honeymoon pictures which cannot be replaced . Therefore if anyone knows of its where about it would be greatly appreciated if they could get in contact with me. All I really want is the pictures back. One thing to Note the taxi car itself is due to be put out of service shortly as it has over 500k on the clock. The driver was in his 40s. Thanks in advance
go back  |  replies (1)  Pierre    --   Sydney (New South Wales) (Australia)
posted: 2015-03-31 15:23:24
Reward of $200 Suit pack was left in a taxis combined on Sunday 29 March at 9.46pm - trip was from Domestic airport to Pleasure point. Gm cabs receipt Terminal Id: 44649000 Driver no: 3444 Taxi no: 9666 Gm cabs have been texting the driver but refuse to give me his number. Driver has my details but is not contacting me. Police report has been filed Just want my bag back which contains a suit and 5 shirts Offering reward to anyone who brings me my bag and contents back - thanks

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