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javed zakaria about Bombay Taximens Union

  javed zakaria   --   Mumbai (Maharashtra) (India)
posted: 2012-02-03 12:24:02
ELECTION OF BOARD OF DIRECTORS FOR BOMBAY MERCANTILE CO-OP BANK LTD. APPEAL Respected Sir , Assalamalkum As you are aware that the Bank had the discredit of having its Board superseded in the year 2002 due to lack of adhering to prudential banking norms, which resulted in N.P.A.’ s and accumulated losses. Your bank is now in position by the grace of God, good wishes of our shareholders and concerted efforts and sacrifice of the staff at all levels wherein accumulated losses have been wiped out and is now financially viable resulting in elections being held to the Board of Directors after a gap of almost 12 years. The sacrifice of our shareholders in foregoing their dividends for the last 18 years is paramount and with the bank now making profits the shareholders should get their due. With the desire that the bank should continue its progressive march and retain its premier position in the co-operative banking industry, we earnestly appeal to all members to cast their votes judiciously and support the candidates of our panel for the election of the Board of Directors , whose names are appended below :- CANDIDATE OF PROGRESSIVE FRONT WEST ZONE MAHARASHTRA AND GOA CONSTITUENCY MUMBAI Sr. No. Name of the Canditate 1 ABDUL LATEEF MD. ANWAR 4 AQUEEL AHMAD KHAN 9 GAIKWAD DYANESHWAR MARUTI 38 SYED RAZIUDDIN NEHRI 39 SYED SALEEMAHMED BASHA WEST ZONE GUJARAT CONSTITUENCY AHMEDABAD Sr. No. Name of the Candidate 1 GULAMRASOOL RAHIM SELIYA 4 SUBAMIYA AKBARALI KADRI CENTRAL NORTH ZONE DELHI CONSTITUENCY Sr. No. Name of the Candidate 1 AHEMAD RAZA 3 ANZAR HUSAIN Unopposed Elected Directors of Progressive Front panel : 1 ] Mr. S. M. Lal Jan Basha , Ex-MP, Hyderabad 2 ] Mr. Md. Mehmood Khan, Ajmer 3 ] Mr. Mahammed Sayef, C.A. Kolkatta 4 ] Mr. Mudassir H. Deshmukh, C.A. Mumbai. Insha’Allah…… we are confident that with your support, these elected members shall work selflessly and tirelessly in the interest of the Bank and shall devote all their energy in making our bank an example for other to follow.
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