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Alex about Kandy taxi services  Alex   --   Prague (Czech Republic)
posted: 2011-10-13 01:02:43
We had considered getting a car and driver to visit the ancient cities from Kandy, but have had bad experiences with drivers before . Therefore I opted to drive a car myself. There seems to be a lot of red tape involved in doing this in Sri Lanka ie you have to get an international driving licence with endorsement from Sri Lanka AA to rent from any of the big companies. I used Sanjeewa Asanka to rent my car. He cuts through a lot of the red tape and made renting the car easy. Sanjeewa owns Thirandi tours in Kandy and you can contact him via their website. In terms of driving- I wouldnt wanto to do it in Columbo but we had no problems from Kandy-Sygiria,Polonnaruwa, Dambulla. You just need to drive defensively and bear in mind that buses and lorries WILL overtake on the wrong siade of the road -European rights of way don't apply. We did use a driver at other times on the trip and I was more scared doing this than driving myself- most hired drivers in Sri Lanka do things most europeans never would eg overtake on blind corner/brow of hill etc.If you're a confident ,experienced driver I think you're safer driving yourself. Updated Feb 17, 2011 Website:
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