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rana about Allo Taxi  rana   --   Beyrouth (Lebanon)
posted: 2011-08-13 10:43:06
hi, i need a taxi that drive me from my work at night at 10pm 3days per week from citymall to brabir i need a reliable taxi and i need to know how much will cost me
go back  |  replies (3)  gqdmrh    --   none (Cambodia)
posted: 2012-03-13 03:20:56
rtncOP efzieuwkeaju  oyidzjexd    --   none (Ashmore and Cartier Islands)
posted: 2012-03-12 00:09:24
JFqWtH vytgevjbddkd  Dinesh    --   none (Israel)
posted: 2012-03-11 19:33:07
I undertook gcaeogilol research on Tuvalu in the eighties. At the time I was heavily into guano! I have published on some effects of WWII on Amatuku.There are a couple of other ironies that can be added to that of Willis. Arthur Webb and Paul Kench have to a great extent rediscovered the wheel. Back in 1973 a major hurricane, Bebe, swept Fongafale, the main islet of Funafuti, the principal atoll of Tuvalu. In one night the area of that islet increased by 15% as a vast hurricane bank of debris was piled up on the windward side by the storm. This is part of the normal aggradation process whereby atolls grow. It has been documented for many years. On the landward side of the new bank on Fongafale are fossil debris banks from previous savage storms. One cemented by natural means now protects the airstrip from modern storms. The 1973 bank and the growth process on Fongafale were studied in depth by Professor Roger McClean, at the time researcher at the University of Auckland from whence comes the new study. Roger had extensive funding from, of all places, the UN.And, if any of researchers of the 21st century were to get from the shelves of their libraries a book published in the nineteenth century entitled Coral Reefs by one C. Darwin, they would find the processes of atoll origins and growth described therein. Oddly enough Darwin's ideas precipitated as savage and as unpleasant a debate as the present AGW debacle.What goeth around cometh around.

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