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Scarlet castro about Quezon City Taxi | Sturdy Taxi  Scarlet castro   --   Valenzuela (National Capital Region) (Philippines)
posted: 2011-07-06 02:32:09
Sna umaksyon kau r& driver nyong c mario blanca na may plate no. Na TXJ530. Kmi ung nbangga nya nung july2. May usapan kmi knnang umaga pero wlang mario na dmating.sna makipag koordinasyon kau sa amin.kawawa naman kmi .
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  Ella    --   Manila (National Capital Region) (Philippines)
posted: 2011-11-10 00:21:51
Hi Scarlet,
Did you formally file a complaint?  They also hit my car and they are insisting on using their repairshop instead of reimbursing me for the damages, choosing where I want to have it repaired.  Such inconvenience! And I just realized that we have no protection from these abusive taxi companies who  let their drivers get away from their responsibilities.  Even a comprehensive insurance wont assure you get covered as there is still the participation fee which needs to be paid (of course by the party at fault, in this case STURDY).  So I think the only recourse is to file a formal complaint.
I am torn between the hassle of the complaint and hearings vs. letting them get away easily.  If you are at fault, then own it and take responsibility!
The comment earlier was funny - abuloy sa patay! haahahaha very true.  Sturdy taxi, your mangement policies/style will get you in BIG trouble someday.  Karma is not a joke.  sherryl Capalos    --   Manila (National Capital Region) (Philippines)
posted: 2011-08-03 03:31:49
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