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Dr L S Rao about Mumbai Taxi | Meru cabs  Dr L S Rao   --   Mumbai (Maharashtra) (India)
posted: 2011-01-22 04:44:11
I include an email feedback sent by me to  Meru recently. No response yet!!!
Why Book a Meru Cab? Why indeed?
Attn: Any one with a sense of responsibility over there, and
              Customer Service Manager
Because one must be mad or stupid or both!
"RELY ON US".          indeed to be let down again and again??????
What kind of an organisation do you run?
We called your office just before 10 AM today to book a cab for me from the offices of Rubicon Research Pvt Ltd on LBS Marg in Bhandup West for travel from there to Mahim at 6.30 PM today. I received a text message from your office at 10.00.49 AM with Reference Number 2983078, saying you will send the cab details 30 minutes before the pick up time (in case you cannot count, this will mean at about 6.00 PM!).
Lo and behold! And wonder at the efficiency, care, ethics and brains of the incredible MERU!
I get a call after 6.00 PM from a person calling herself 'Rubina' that she was sorry and there was no cab available! Naturally, it was such a happy and wonderful message that I gave her a piece of my mind and asked to speak to her supervisor or whatever in the form a boss you have in your 'disorganisation'. A man calling himself "Geoffrey Davey" comes on line and parrots again the same 'regretful' message that no cab is going to be sent! And he had the nerve to ask me to refer to the so-called "Terms and Conditions"!
Are you running a taxi service or one of those "fly by night" disreputable businesses with wriggle-out clauses in small print?
Because of your stupid, good-for-nothing, so-called service, I missed at least two important meetings since I had to go into Mulund town and catch one of those old-fashioned black and yellow cabs, which may not say on their body "RELY ON US", but certainly was more worthy of that slogan than your totally unprofessional, incompetent and disgustingly smug outfit!!!
I must say you are exactly like one of those moronic offices in Government - irresponsible, incompetent, shameless and probably corrupt to the core!
Dr L S Rao
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