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Akshay Jain about Bombay Taximens Union  Akshay Jain   --   Mumbai (Maharashtra) (India)
posted: 2010-09-25 08:10:04

2928: took this taxi from Borivali station at 0400 hours on 26th Sep. Destination: Marol, Andheri(E). Two guys in the taxi - one driver (fat guy) and the other wearing specs. They stopped the taxi at Kohinoor hotel citing some problems with their belt etc. The fat guy pretended to work under the bonnet while the guy with specs stopped an auto for us to go further to our destination. As my wife & kid sat in the auto, I prepared to pay the taxi bill. The fat guy continued to stand by the bonnet while the guy with specs sat on the front seat to read the meter. Their meter reading was 29.70 & corresponding fare in their rate card (was fake ... did not mention separate columns for regular & midnight tariffs) showed Rs 822. I gave them two notes of 500 which were shadily replaced by two notes of 100. It was dark & deserted; I had my family with me & did not find it sensible to protest with two goons in the vicinity. I gave them another 622 to complete their bill of 822. Thus, they took away Rs 1622 from me for the distance Borivalli station to Kohinoor hotel. I checked with some taxi guys once I returned home… fare for this distance should not exceed Rs 400 at whatever time of the day. I have thus been duped of INR 1222. Can Mr.  Quadros help me with this? I was always aware of such loot happening in Delhi… but I have always knows the Mumbai taxi & auto wallas to be honest with distance, route & fares. I expect Mr Quadros to look into this & help me recover my money and ensure that these two guys do not dupe anybody further. My number is 9920400044

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