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Anula about Sydney taxi services  Anula   --   Sydney (New South Wales) (Australia)
posted: 2010-09-23 02:14:33
dear Taxi Driver,
This is regarding lost of my hand luggage during my travel by a taxi  from Sydney Airport to 143, Anzac Parade, Kensington, NSW on 7th September 2010 around 7.45 pm to 8.45 pm. I am not sure which companyís taxi I took. But it is a white colour maxi cab. Soon after the driver dropped us at 143, Anzac Parade we came to know that one hand luggage is left in the taxi and we went to the airport again and searched for him and we could not find him.
As this bag contained more than 6 hard disks and one external hard disk containing my research data this bag is very important to me.

Some information about taxi and our trip are given below

         1.   The handluggage is black and red and inside this luggage there was a balcka and orange acer notebook back pack insdei this bag there were hard drives.

1.       We are Sri Lankan and myself, my husband and my 11 year old came by this taxi

2.       The taxi is a maxi taxi of 8 or 9 seater  and it has sheep fur car seats

4.       The taxi has whee chair passenger facility Therefore the driver fold down the rear seat and put our luggages. We had all together 6 checked luggages (out of this 2 were small and other 4 were big) and two hand luggages.  We heard when we travel from the airport to Anzac parade that one item is falling down now we guessed that one hand luggage fell down and rolled under front seat thatís why both we and the driver could not see it.

5.       The driver looks like a Lebanese and he was wearing a dark purple sleeveless jacket and black long sleeve shirt.

6.       We paid the taxi  by cash and he did not give us a receipt. so we have no details about the taxi.


 If anyone has found it could you please contact me on +61435072601 or
Thank you!


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