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pascal about Diamond Taxi Oromocto

  pascal   --   London (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2010-08-01 08:09:13
sounds like i hit a nerve? buy more cars, get a loan, hire better people... are u not getting the picture towny? this is a long standing problem in this town and they should be regulated to the max!!! the gov't drug tests truck drivers for hauling commodities, these people are hauling, let me see- people!!!! get off your high horse towny, obviously a driver, and stop thinking that you're doing people a favor by double charging, like us thinking we are heros or something, and look at the real issue here. well, you can't spell, so i doubt very much your thinking abilities are up to par, do something about it! i am sure your way of life will be better for it, and of course people can enjoy the cab ride without smoke filled cars, abusive people, dirty drivers etc... and your worried about doing people a favor!!!
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  Towny    --   Oromocto (New Brunswick) (Canada)
posted: 2010-10-02 16:19:58
Well let's see now if you did have your facts straight and new the cost of keeping the cars on the road you would know for the one or two busy days of the week does not make enough money to put more cars on but then you would have to have a clue to understand that but ..... Guess not and I am not a driver if you must know but I think we should meet somewhere and discuss this issue so you can really understand and don't be scared I will talk slow!!!!

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