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pascal about Diamond Taxi Oromocto

  pascal   --   London (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2010-07-14 12:17:34
i am glad to see there is a forum to discuss that town's taxi industry. i know we use meters up here and we find them to be absurd price wise, that is. but down there, unbelievable!! me and a friend called for a cab to go into fredericton on a fri. nite, well, the woman on the phone, although pleasant and did say it would be a half an hour, fair enough, i said. well a little more than an hour later we finally get picked up, only to be asked to pickup 2 more people next building over going to the same place. we said sure, why not we'll split it 4 ways. NOTTTTTT!!!!! this dispatcher over the radio after we are already into fredericton informed the driver that it would be 2 separate calls. WHAT!!! i screamed, are you f___ing kiddin' me? we let you pikup 2 more people to clear your already overloaded nite, and you won't so much as give us a break on the price? this bunch of hoods i call 'em actually made 50 dollars pickin us up at h3 and picking 2 more up at h1 going to the same place 2 separate fares. i don't know what the driver's make, but i can only guess the dispatcher's doing something awry, either that or she is the biggest kiss ass going? i can understand if we had to go to the other end of the base or something, or going to 2 separate places in fredericton, that's fair, i guess? but, what she did to us, and i can only assume she has done it to others over her tenure there was an outright GOUGE, nothing more. and certainly nothing less!!! if i do end up back there, i will not be allowing a double fare again, i know up here you can't do that, now i can see why!!! to be fair trying to get back from fredericton was an ordeal in itself, and you wonder why people drink and drive? i'd take the other taxi service, but, well, if you have been there you would know, pitiful!!! 
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  towny    --   Oromocto (New Brunswick) (Canada)
posted: 2010-07-23 12:49:34
listen here cpl hero and pascel i may agree of the things about this caraline and some day time staff but i have taken cabs from this company for probably many years before you were born, and you and others like the fella before you commenting about diamonds service of the cost of fares not sharing the cost and the timmings but instead of shooting your gums off online like a coward why don't you get your facts straight think before you talk did you ever think it may be very busy on a weekend night where hundreds of people want a cab to go to the bar or other places at the same time as you with the company only having 6-7 cars on the road and maybe you think thats all the cars they have and with laws to follow cause if i were a driver i would not lose my license for a cowardly pushover like some of the people on here , and this thing about sharing the cost i for one fully understand as if it were busy and i had a chance to take a cab with someone else in it in stead of wait another hour for cabs to come around i would be thankful and everytime i get in the cab if they are busy tring to shuffle all thows people around town at the same time the driver will always give me the opption asking if it is alright if someone jumps in and i say yes cause it couold of been me waiting or in a hurry did you ever think of that ...oh guess you would't cause i forgot you dont think before you talk and the dispatchers are not trying to scam money they charge two sepperate calls for the different calls they have p[icked up in the cab because they are TWO DIFFERENT CALLS I think they are doing you a favour for not making you wait you inconsiderate.............anyway people like you guys just burn my skin bad mouthing some good people for something to do get a life.

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