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stephanie about Diamond Taxi Oromocto  stephanie   --   Oromocto (New Brunswick) (Canada)
posted: 2010-02-28 06:36:27
I just found out about this comment page for customers, and i am not really one to complain, but i have some pretty poor customer service over the time i have been taking Diamond Taxi here in Oromocto. I am not speaking of all of the drivers here, but i do have a complaint about one which i will even give the name. Her name is Caroline and every time she answers my call (if she answers it) i cringe. Tonight alone i called on 4 separate times and on the forth actually talked to her...she hadnt answered the call the other three times and i really like the drivers for diamond with the exception of her, so the last time i was about to hang up and call town taxi for my drive, but she answered right before. This has happened on several occasions with her. Also, i do not appreciate being being told by her that the cab im waiting on will only be 5 mins when in all fact it takes 45 mins to an hour sometimes-- if the cab is going to be later i would appreciate being told, at least then i could expect the wait and not just get angry when im left hanging. I get a cab and sometimes more every day, and i take diamond because i love the driviers i normally get, but when i get her at night answering the call i just want to hang up in her ear. This woman really needs to smarten up or be canned from my experiences with her.
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