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Karwa | Taxi Doha

Doha taxi service


Karwa | Taxi Doha

Phone number: 4588888

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  chona   --   Doha (Qatar)
posted: 2011-03-10 04:12:08
to karwa management, it seem that there is lot of customers complain about  your drivers not using metered and tonight i was a victim of one ur driver plate # 3133 i think he is kenya nationality. from mansoura to musaereb he take 15riyals from me, but usually im always paying 10 riyals only with the metered. and this driver has bad behaivor i was politely asking him why you didnt using your meter and he answer me if i would like to go back to mansoura again, just to let me that he is right. im pretty sure from mansourah to my place is only 10 riyals at night time and daytime is only 8 riyals. you should give lesson to your drivers has taking advantage to the customers. thank you so much.
  Kevin Veitch   --   Doha (Qatar)
posted: 2011-03-09 03:22:45
Hi Karwa Management
I would like to compliment one of your taxi drivers - Mohammad Driver #6159 on his honesty. I left my wallet with money, credit cards and ID's in his taxi on Monday, March 7th. and  Mohammed returned it to me later that evening when he discovered the wallet in the taxi.
  ella jaen   --   Doha (Qatar)
posted: 2011-03-04 01:47:15
sir/madam, i lost my mobile phone in a karwa taxi, its a blackberry mobile in a purple case and i tried to call hundred times at your office but unfortunately no answer. we rode the taxi at the sheraton hotel going to the four seasons accomodation. i hope you could help me on this. the phone is just so important to me. thank you in advance. ella
  bhing   --   Doha (Qatar)
posted: 2011-03-03 03:11:56
hi karwa management, i would like to report your taxi driver # 3050 i came from villagio mall dated 02/03/2011 i ride to this taxi around 6pm and the meter is 0, which is not fair because its 6pm only its supposed to be 1, bcoz the starting time of night fare is 9pm right? so please don't hired a taxi driver like this... he is not qualify i think many passengers will be victim by this person. so please give an action to this taxi driver of your company.
  ur_taxi_grosd   --   Doha (Qatar)
posted: 2011-03-02 09:12:01
somebody take action abt d driver of karwa taxi no.2767, on 02 march 2011 approx 5.50 pm, who refused to go wd meter charge to a 7 QR distance, he s arrogant nd sick, fake taxi drivers r much better, giv dat driver some road roller to drive, big city nd lame taxi
  haytham   --   Doha (Qatar)
posted: 2011-02-27 06:19:41
I took a karwa taxi from Khalifa Tennis complex to Musheireb around 9 PM and i forgot my canon camera ,, i called the contact center and no one brought it to lost and found ,, shame
  PETER ELLIS   --   Doha (Qatar)
posted: 2011-02-26 04:36:55
hi,lost my iphone in taxi from sheraton hotel to alwakra ezdan 4 last nigth the 25th of february at aproximately 2am don't know the taxi number but i would be greatful if you could check the taxi number that drove there last nigth look forward to hearing from you....peter ellis
  jenna   --   Doha (Qatar)
posted: 2011-02-05 12:11:51
I would like to inform to you how it is mess this company process and training for  the employee as booking & drivers.
I've been living in many countries before, but it's the worse case of service. I have been tring to baring all kind of situations, but it's getting worse and worse and finally make me to report today.
the taxi driver adjusted the meter machine to make higher price about 10QR more then usual and denied.-I take the karwa taxi every days, so know about the avr. price and way. then there is no paper for bill coz his duty is finished. ok. it's not big matter 10QR something, but you know what how it's annoying. He works as illegal way? what is funny it's very usual all the day here. the booking process is mess, booking service is the worst, and drivers are always tring to chit on customer.
can you try to improve all this mess at least, plz? i' really fed of with all.
the taxi no. is 106 and the date is 05th FEB 2011, time is 20:10 to 20:30.
  Gabriel    --   Doha (Qatar)
posted: 2011-02-27 13:43:44
send ur complaint to
  Doha Doha   --   Doha (Qatar)
posted: 2011-02-04 12:13:47
May I point out that some of your taxi drivers are now in the habit of not using meters. I am not sure if they actully remit the money. Today, a driver rudely told me "No meter in this taxi. Wait for the next one" after we refused to pay for a ride without a meter. This kind of corrupt behaviour has destroyed countries such as the one that I come from. I have always thought Qatar to be a place where people paractise good morals and ethics. I can provide the number of the taxi and the time the incident occured if anyone really cares and wants to do anything about it.
  lynne   --   Carlow (Ireland)
posted: 2011-02-01 12:34:50
hello there, just want to share my experienced riding in your karwa taxi. this is not the first time happened to me..most of your indian driver are very rude and no respect at all..please educate your staff by conducting customer service training!!we are paying their service and were not riding without payment!! so they need also to treat the passengers with respect..its not bad to be good....instead..your gaining friends!!! am I right???
  Michaela B.    --   Doha (Qatar)
posted: 2011-03-07 07:09:14
You are right, Lynne! We had a very bad experience today. Similar. We decided: NO indian taxi driver. Rude, try to cheat you all the time, very arrogant , agrressive. I dont know how the karwa management accept this kind of employees. You lost clients. 
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