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Karwa | Taxi Doha

Doha taxi service


Karwa | Taxi Doha

Phone number: 4588888

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  jean   --   Doha (Qatar)
posted: 2011-12-14 08:36:51
Hi, sometimes the drivers do not want to take the course because they will not make enough money on it: this is incredible, I have the feeling that some of them still behave as if they still were in their country, where no rules applied ! please karwa, do something, we are in a civilized country here!! Sometimes, the service is very bad, most of the drivers have no manners and no education, what a pity !!
  anil dada    --   Nassau (Bahamas)
posted: 2012-01-03 19:53:27
That sounds like a good idea, why don't u just open up a school to atleast educate them en also u tend to understand doha than those karwa drivers why don't u apply for a job there???