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Karwa | Taxi Doha

Doha taxi service


Karwa | Taxi Doha

Phone number: 4588888

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  Mohammad sahmsul haque   --   Dhaka (Bangladesh)
posted: 2013-05-19 09:43:48
Assalamualaikum sir/madam, i want to work in Quater. i have 12 years experience in Bangladesh tourism vehicle. i know englis and hidi. if u have any vacancy please call me sir/madam my contact no. +8801724146936
  Ranjana Mallawaarachchi   --   Colombo (Colombo) (Sri Lanka)
posted: 2013-05-04 11:20:17
I am looking for a job in your company. please let me know how can i join you or send me your E-Mail address then i am able to send you my CV. My Contact no is 0094776059575
  Vladimir   --   Doha (Qatar)
posted: 2013-03-22 10:26:40
Today on March 22,2013 at around 2:35 pm I took karwa taxi (car #1236 driver #6941 name Subba.S) from Kashar Kanar Resterong behing Sana to the Museum of islamic art (travel distance is about 3.2 km measured on Google map). Unfortunately did not pay attantion to the meter when starting trip and was punished for that. When arrived at destination 10-15 mins later looked at meter and it was 29.75 Qr there . I thought why is it so high but was in a hurry so asked to print receipt, paid money and left. When checking receipt later to see may be cost increased lately I was sirprised to see that trip startarted at 14:05 - half an hour before I took taxy and distance was 9.5 km instead of 3.2km. Meaning there is anouther trick used by karwa taxi - they did not reset meter after previous customer and try to use previus trip cost to add to your trip cost. Very frustrating. Be aware !!! Alway ask karwa driver to turn on meter of it is turned off and/or reset it if it was on before you start. Worst taxi service in ther world.
  rs   --   Doha (Qatar)
posted: 2013-03-20 02:10:45
It's 20/Mar/2013, I had a taxi ride from KARWA taxi, body#681 & driver#6094 (as per the taxi receipt #1320), the time of travel from 18:55 - 19:15 and the distance covered is 6,9km, for this short distance I was charged from the meter a fare of QR19.75, I wonder how this happens, during my ride, I noticed the meter is counting almost every after 30seconds, even when we are on the traffic, I told the driver there must be something wrong with the meter, you know what he replied,?? "I'm only using a legal meter.."
  Danhill Tubello   --   Doha (Qatar)
posted: 2013-03-17 10:40:28
KARWA/MOWASALAT taxi is the worst taxi services I have encountered by far. To the management, please improve your customer service or otherwise shut down your company. Your people are rude, from the dispatch down to the driver. And your people/drivers are always late... extremely late. And if you are along the road waving for these cabs, they will just pass you over even when they have no passengers. You guys are worst than my neighbor's hairy mole.
  LATHEEF C   --   Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) (India)
posted: 2013-03-10 07:33:00
I have valid U A E ligh driving licence , now I am workin in dubai , I want to work in your company , please provide me processes . my mobile number 00971559103051
  jenoo   --   Doha (Qatar)
posted: 2013-02-26 10:16:43
This KARWA TAXIis by far the worst taxi company i have ever heard of. if i need to be picked up at home i need to book the car more than 3 hours in advance. usually when i do, they always do something wrong whether it be extremely late or not sending a car at all. tonight for example really upset me to the point where i had to shout at the dispatch. i ordered my car for 6;30 in the evening. at 6:40 he called saying he was there and i said i would be right down i was just finishing putting on my hijab. when i got downstairs he was not there. i called the company and they said the driver said i never answered the phone which i did. the dispatch refused to get the driver back or send me another car. something really needs to be done to better the quality of service they are providing. also many times the drivers dont realize when i take their car from the mall that i live here and try take long way around and charge me more. PLEASE KARWA STAFF...IF YOU CANT SERVE THE PUBLIC PLEASANTLY THEN LEAVE IT TO SOMEONE WHO CAN TREAT THE CUSTOMERS MUCH BETTER THAN YOU DO!!!!!!
  teamo    --   Doha (Qatar)
posted: 2013-03-09 10:20:45
that's exactly what happened to my sis
  Charlie brown   --   Aurora (Colorado) (United States of America)
posted: 2013-02-25 02:09:45
Karwa prowided a huge amount of cab in qatar, with expirenced drivers, But here's an complain from a poor driver reguarding his sallery per month he gets is very low Even bad is sometimes he is not getting the sallery, Karwa should look after there responsibilities
  alace   --   Doha (Qatar)
posted: 2013-02-22 02:33:38
I lost my wallet with great amount of money and i need it as soon as possible.
  Chris   --   Doha (Qatar)
posted: 2013-02-19 05:31:16
Taxi 350 - driver drove like a maniac while blaring reggae music at full volume. Only after starting the ride did I recognize this driver as one who scared me so much that I got out of his taxi at a red traffic light. This time I wasn't going far so I stayed, but this guy really should not have a licence.
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