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Mainland Taxis

Christchurch taxi service

(New Zealand)

Mainland Taxis

Phone number: 3772772

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  Adam   --   Christchurch (New Zealand)
posted: 2015-07-13 01:13:00
took off with my phone operator played me off as a fool when i called up he had no idea on which driver it was even after i gave a name very useless management.
  Ally   --   Christchurch (New Zealand)
posted: 2015-06-15 04:22:52
NEVER AGAIN!!! Only used as they were outside the venue. Driver was rude, no clue where they were going, drove erratically. We paid and asked for a receipt, driver was annoyed we had asked for it wrote on a busienss card and added and extra $1.50 for it??? How are these still operating??? and in Merivale???
  Ian    --   Christchurch (New Zealand)
posted: 2015-03-28 03:07:18
Taxi driver (Keyan guy who has been "proudly Kiwi for 25years) was an absolute c**t! Got into his taxi on 29/03/15 @ 11:50pm from Stranges Lane, Christchurch with my girlfriend after a very nice meal and a couple drinks each, he ponders for nearly 5minutes on weather or not to take us home because his fare would be too low! He tells us he doesn't have to take us if he doesn't want to. He attempts to annoy us as the only legal reason he cannot take us is if we are "overly intoxicated" or "threatening". We maintain our cool until he drives off and he proceeds to tell us how a 5 minutes drive (30mins walk for my girlfriend in heels) is not a long walk... (in Kenya maybe?). Absolute d**k, would never give another cent towards this idiot or his sh**e company!
  sausage   --   Christchurch (New Zealand)
posted: 2014-12-16 06:08:27
Demanded cash from my daughter before the start then wanted more halfway home city to Woolston for $38.. and wanted cash from ATM
  Olivia    --   Christchurch (New Zealand)
posted: 2014-11-17 12:25:20
Absolutely terrible service! Will never ever take a Mainland Taxi again. Got picked up after the races, taxi driver wasn't displaying his name tag which I enquired about as we were a group of girls and I wanted to make sure we were safe in this car as he had no ID on display and he absolutely lost it, swerved over ranting on about dropping us off then continued abusing us and ranting until we arrived at Cargo bar which on arrival got out of his car, slammed his door and got in my friends face yelling at her too. We were abused and had our night ruined. NEVER EVER get into cab #29 this man is rude, disrespectful and abusive!
  Cogs   --   Christchurch (New Zealand)
posted: 2014-10-02 05:17:53
Airport to Linwood $60. Never again!
  Shady   --   Christchurch (New Zealand)
posted: 2014-08-30 02:40:43
Took this cab from Christchurch Airport last night as it was next in the queue.If we had a choice would NEVER use this company again. As commenented above, airport charge was added at end of journey.Drive was good and driver was good at driving HOWEVER it was the quietest cab ride we have ever taken...and I DON'T mean the vehicle. My husband attempted to engage the driver in conversation as most cab drivers we have had in the past were quite chatty and asked about trip etc. This one however...not ONE word the entire journey. Either he could not speak much English (in which case this company MUST get their drivers to speak at least minimum English) or get them on a Customer Service course promptly.
  Taryn   --   Christchurch (New Zealand)
posted: 2014-08-19 03:02:38
Terrible service, picked up from 225 High street at a bar after midnight to Ilam, somehow cost $36 when a quote from blue star and first direct are around $20. Taxi driver wouldn't take a faster route when asked and instead took the longest way. Also hit two low concrete barriers at speed (Ilam street cycle lane separators) and was unapologetic though it caused passengers to lose anything they were holding and be jolted severely. Used to think all taxi companies were similar, will never take this one again.
  Rohan   --   Christchurch (New Zealand)
posted: 2014-07-26 01:46:10
Will NEVER get in one of these taxis again, got abused by the driver, driven recklessly at speed, ripped off and then flogged off when trying to complain. There car was also very average, so beware!
  kent   --   Christchurch (New Zealand)
posted: 2014-07-16 12:22:39
I would never take a mainland taxi after witnessing one of their drivers going at least 80km/h along memorial ave on the way to the airport. This was followed by cutting in and out of both lanes without indicating.
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