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Macau Taxi

Macau taxi service

(Macau, Macau (China))

Macau Taxi

Phone number: 967115

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  Queenie    --   Singapore (Singapore) (Singapore)
posted: 2014-05-01 12:33:41
Early 0130am at Sheraton Hotel no any taxi happy to fetch me to Altira Casino. 4 taxi drive pretending don't see me because wear suit who just finish work. Until the bell boy help then only the drive open the door who unwillingness and I even got scolding by the drive. End he have no choice and drove me to the place as I needed but from SCC to Altira I was paid MOP100 felt very bad the service. To be honest our nationality is Malaysian or Singaporean felt very bad experience whenever try to find a taxi because we are not china people! Is not a first time I almost 2 years always encounter such bad taxi drive really bad!
  cfm69    --   Macau (Macau) (Macau (China))
posted: 2015-09-18 21:33:21
Taxi driver cheated you because SCC to Altira is just a short distance and it cost you only about MOP$20-30. Macau to SCC cost you only MOP$60-70. this is long distance ride. The next time you take taxi, use your mobile phone to take a photo of the taxi number and report.
  chan h y   --   Singapore (Singapore) (Singapore)
posted: 2011-04-03 07:29:37
Can I travel from macau  to zhuhai in a taxi ?
What is the approximate fare to Jiu Zhou Da Dao in Zhuhai ?
Conversely, can I travel from Zhuhai to Macau  in a taxi ?
  cfm69    --   Macau (Macau) (Macau (China))
posted: 2015-09-18 21:39:23
No. Macau to Zhuhai is a walking distance from Portas Do Cerco Macau/Zhuhai Border. Passing through Immigration.
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