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Saint Helier taxi service

(Jersey, Jersey)


Phone number: 887000

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  Lynda Joyce   --   Salisbury (United Kingdom)
posted: 2014-09-18 12:11:07
DO NOT USE LUXICAB!! I had prepaid for Luxicab to take back to airport. He didn't show then lied about it! Had to find another company so cost 50 for one airport run!Disgusting. I am posting on every available review site!
  jersey    --   Saint Helier (Jersey) (Jersey)
posted: 2014-10-05 03:29:08
Luxicabs don't take prepayment... Might be worth checking with your travel agent as it sounds like they're the ones who have scammed you...
  Maryann Landmark   --    (United Kingdom)
posted: 2013-05-03 12:41:08
I got my first smartphone last year from here. I was very very lucky :) You can get GalaxyS, iPhone and other goodies if you're eligible. They are doing this promotion for some time this spring.
  jazzcabs   --   Newark (New Jersey) (United States of America)
posted: 2013-03-01 03:26:17
Jazz Cabs services is family owned and operated company with experienced drivers who will ensure a memorable experience. It is our goal to deliver the best limousine services in newjersy with highest quality fleet with competitive fares. What ever the occasion, we are there to ensure your safety and reliable transport provider to reach your destination with utmost comfort and safety. We will ensure to meet your needs with professional and superior quality service.Corporate Cab service
  South Jersey Cabs   --   Uncasville (Connecticut) (United States of America)
posted: 2013-03-01 02:19:25
SouthJersey Cabs Service is permier Limosiene service company providing luxury transportation services in South Jersy. we offer quality services for a range of customers and clients
  jamegilly   --   Uncasville (Connecticut) (United States of America)
posted: 2013-02-28 01:14:04
Dis link is very nice
  JS   --   Saint Helier (Jersey) (Jersey)
posted: 2012-09-01 08:00:08
NEVER USE LUXICABS - a few years ago one of my female friends used them for a late night ride home. When she complained about the unreasonable cost, he jumped out opened her door and dragger her out throwing her to the floor. Her hands were grazed and bloody and she was extremely frightened and shookup. The management had "Words" with the driver but refused to sack him. This was reported to the police, however after so much bureaucracy she dropped the case. Dangerous violent drivers should never be trusted to take women home alone late at night
  Val and Ken   --   Lichfield (United Kingdom)
posted: 2012-06-02 04:33:39
Very efficient service to get to and from the Elizabeth Ferry terminal in St Helier just one mile away from our hotel, on the first journey costing 7pounds and on return just 3 hours later costing 9 pounds, I think the fees were high compared to what you would have paid in UK for the same distance, but on the whole the drivers were pleasant, courteousthe cars in good and clean condition and the time waited from the initial call was good.I would probably try a different company next time, just for price comparison only....
  charlie   --   Saint Helier (Jersey) (Jersey)
posted: 2012-02-04 01:46:26
I used this company when i had to get to the airport in an emergency, and can i just say i was amazed at the service i received, mny thanks to the driver for getting me there in time, highly recomended
  C.I   --   Saint Helier (Jersey) (Jersey)
posted: 2010-12-05 07:43:40
The most rude taxi driver on Sunday (04/12/10 13:40) comes into the hotel and demands reception to find his customer (the hotel didn't call Luxicabs at all, so it was a private order). Rude, arogant, impolite: NEVER TO BE USED AGAIN.
  ryan macdonald   --   Braine le Comte (Belgium)
posted: 2010-08-11 10:56:22
i had a driver from luxi cabs, he offered the ride for free if i showed him my willy? i showed it him and it was a free ride, but now i regret it because he laughed me out the taxi, i wasnt even hard!
  Cannot B Sirius    --   Saint Helier (Jersey) (Jersey)
posted: 2010-10-19 10:00:27
This comment looks fake. It's not possible to check and lets be honest no ones going to believe it. If I was you faker, i'd have gone to the Police and to luxicabs and have the driver sacked. I can't believe this as none of the drivers I know would do this. Do you work for another cab company? No one moderates this rubbish so anyone can make any claims about anyone without being pulled up.
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