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Kolkata Cab

Kolkatta / Calcultta taxi service

(West Bengal, India)

Address: Kolkata, West Bengal

Kolkata Cab

Phone number: +913344222222

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  AC   --   Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) (United States of America)
posted: 2011-08-03 09:31:58
Had a horrendous experience with kolkata Cabs taxi service during july 2011. wish I had read these reviews before booking with them.
  Irani ghosh   --   Kolkatta / Calcultta (West Bengal) (India)
posted: 2011-07-31 10:19:30
 I was traveling to guwahati from kolkata on 30th july.kolkata cab was supposed to pick me from my resisdence at Bakul Bagan,Bhowanipur,kolkata.
While booking for the cab the previous night on dialing the number 44333222 ,it said wrong number.I had no other number.So,I called the number of the cab driver who brought me from kolkata airport on the day of my arrival that I got from the thank you sms from kolkata cab just after my arrival.The no was 9748718878.
This person probably named Manish,was irresponsible and unloyal to kolkata cab.Instead of informing the right way to book/register the cab ,he told me he will send a cab tomorrow and that I should sms him my residence address. Since I did not the proper way of booking ,I send him the sms.But, later he did not response by sms or by call.So, I had a doubt and I  called the same kolkata cab number through land line.The customer service person said there was no registration by my name on the following day.That was natural as no cab driver has the right to register the customer order.So,I critized the whole system to that customer service person to keep such illiterate and irresponsible people as their staff.
   The next day,two cabs came to front of my residence gate.At 2 pm, a person named Ram said he will coming to pick me and he was talking in behalf of kolkata cab and the cab details was wb04d 2030.I said ok.
Later a sms came  giving the cab details of the other cab cabno:wb04d1972 mob-9051316901.This person was one who was sent from kolkata cab.So I took this cab after confirming from kolkata cab over phone once again.
On my way to the airport,a person named Manish called saying I should have taken Ram's cab since he had sent him.Then, I scolded him and said that he was real culprit causing this whole massacre and that he should not have simply taken my booking  as he had no right to do so and should have adviced me  the proper way of booking.Instead of apology,he demanded that I should pay Rs 150 to this cab driver who driving me to airport so he can give it  to Ram who was actually sent my Manish.I vehemently refused and cancelled the call.
Just think what would have happened if Ram drove me to airport instead of Mr.Right from kolkata Cab.He could have charged  me any lumpsome or could have stolen my money or property or could have dropped me in the mid way out of fear. Since kolkata cab does not usually check whether the customer got the right cab or not by calling the customer,this kind of incident may, very well occur to any customer of kolkata cab!!!.
Only sending SMS of the cab details does not solve the problem.!!!!!!
Please let me know how can you compensate for the inconvenience & harassment caused to me and how can you improve upon your service.
My email : or 
As responsible citizen of kolkata ,India, I would wish such a cab service should remain in a city of 1 croce of population but not to just harras people but to serve people properly.You have to improve your management and remove those staff like Manish who is spoiling your name in the business and causing inconvinience to people in general.   


  Sankar   --   Kolkatta / Calcultta (West Bengal) (India)
posted: 2011-07-02 10:26:13
Whether it is Kolkata cabs or any other cab services in Kolkata; they completely lack the professionalism. Kolkata cabs are very glad to say they can provide taxi only if it is booked at least two hours before. Kolkata is still in stone age.
  PRADIP BURMAN RAY   --   Kolkatta / Calcultta (West Bengal) (India)
posted: 2011-06-29 02:24:19
Dear Sir, HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE I booked a Kolkata Cab on Friday 17th June 2011 morning for reporting at my Residence at PhoolBagan at 11.00 PM to drop me(alongwith my wife) to the Kolkata Airport for catching an International Flight. The Booking process is time-consuming. Firstly I had to hold for 20 mins and the call got disconnected before completing the Booking Process. I dialed again and after holding for 30 mins, I could speak to another Customer Service Executive. The CS Executive took down all the details, Name, Mobile Phone No, Address, date & Time etc. Most of the details were however available in their data-base, and he did not care to check that up. He did not give me any Booking No., rather told me that he would send an SMS advising me the Booking No. within half-an-hour and the Cab details, Driver's name would again be SMSed by 10.30 PM. Regret no SMS came with the Booking No., nor with the Cab Details etc. and neither the Cab came by 11.30 PM.(Requested to report at 11.00 PM) There was also no intimation from anywhere that Cab would not be coming. Calling Kolkata Cab at that time was in vain, so I had to make alternate arrangements on that rainy night of 17th June at odd hours of after 11.30 PM to reach the Airport. Is Kolkata Cab listening please? Please let me know how can you compensate for the inconvenience & harassment caused to me and how can you improve upon your service ? PRADIP BURMAN RAY MOBILE No. 9831496616
  123sks   --   Kolkatta / Calcultta (West Bengal) (India)
posted: 2011-06-15 06:20:19
Kolkata Cabs - No sense of service with worst possible staff. Never use this.
  Durbadal Mukherjee   --   Kolkatta / Calcultta (West Bengal) (India)
posted: 2011-05-11 12:07:56
Kolkata Cab is the worst ever radio taxi I have ever had. I had suffered in two instances, First one while I was to go to airport, early morning, at the 11th hour they informed there was no cab. The second instance was even more hulimiating, I booked a cab on 7th May 2011 from Salt Lake to Howrah Station at 5 AM. at 4:30 AM they promptly gave me the vehicle number-WB04D-1982 and cell number 9748717153. At 5:05 AM when I called the driver said he was at airport and he was informed by office that even if he comes 30 mins late I will manage. I dont know how they can say this when I was supposed to catch shatabdi. The driver said to contact their office, and as ususal the phone went unanswered. Based on my past experience, I didn't waste any further time and managed to get a normal taxi with an extra fare of Rs 50. I have vouched never to use Kolkata Cab and will definitely recommend all my friends and relatives not to go for it.
  Terence Pradhan   --   Kolkatta / Calcultta (West Bengal) (India)
posted: 2011-05-03 01:20:39

I booked a vehicle to get to tjhe arport and was given the vehicle number and the driver's mobile through sms. However when I called the driver at the appointed time he expresssed complete ignorance. On calling back the call center I was promised that they would get back to me in five minutes which they didn't. All my calls to them went unanswered thereafter. It was an early morning flight and because of Kolkata Cab's very unprofessional and irresponsible behaviour, I missed my flight and had to pay a hugh extra amount to get into another flight to my destination. 

I travel frequently and have been very impressed by meru Cabs in Hyderabad, etc. 

I strongly feel that the government should get Kolkata Cabs to either be more responsible or withdraw the licence given to them because of the harm they cause to people due to their callous attitude.  

  Arindam Dutta   --   Kolkatta / Calcultta (West Bengal) (India)
posted: 2011-04-28 01:43:37
I booked a cab on the 12th of April with Kolkata cabs from airport to my residence. Time for pick up was 9 45pm at the airport. On my arrival I found out that the vehicle for me was proceeding to a repair shop to repair a flat tire. The driver asked me to wait. I asked him how long he said 20 min. I also called up Kolkata cabs asking for an alternate. The person said he will call me back in 5 min but did not. I waited for 20min and then again stood in the que for pre paid taxi. This is the service Kolkata cabs gives. And I used to be a regular customer, and seen the awful decline of service.
  Amit Kumar   --   Kolkatta / Calcultta (West Bengal) (India)
posted: 2011-04-05 12:07:59
Job required for the post of car driving in kolkata
  Sachin   --   Kolkatta / Calcultta (West Bengal) (India)
posted: 2011-04-02 06:04:16
I have had 3 incidents where KOLKATA CABS has dissapointed me. WORST cab servive in KOLKATA. They are opportunist.
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