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Bangalore taxi service

(Karnataka, India)

Address: Cel cabs,, Smile Enterprises Ltd., No--22, 1stMain , PYLIKAVAL, Bangalore, Bangallore


Phone number: +91 80 23466666

Service description

Within each city (Intra city services): * Airport Transportation - We will pick you up from anywhere in the city and drop you to the airport. We will also pick you up from the airport, on a 2-hour (minimum) prior booking from the time of arrival at the airport and drop you back home. Your air-travel just became that much easier, with the comfort and convenience of starting and ending at your own front gate. * Door-to-Door Service - We will pick you up from anywhere in the city and drop you to any part of the city with our minimum of 1-hour package. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Inter city services: At CelCabs, we do not limit our services - often, the outstation traveler may wish to visit local attractions. Whether it is a day picnic or a mini-tour of four to five days, we are at your service. We aim to provide the most convenient form of travel, in and around our cities, so that you can make the best of your holiday/business trip. * Inter City bookings - You can book CelCabs from anywhere in the world! All you need to do is call our call-center to make a booking. We endure to give the best of service in all the cities where we operate. We take special care with bookings from out of town, to ensure maximum safety and comfort. With CelCabs, you will get the best of service in any city of our presence. All you have to do is call the call-center number listed under your city.

Aprox. prices

There is a fixed tariff structure, which has been developed on a city based pricing index. At the end of a trip, the fare is displayed on the CelCabs On-Board Billing System Display inside the taxi and the customer pays what is displayed. To ensure transparency in billing, a tariff card, within the taxi, displays various packages on offer. The On-board Electronic Billing System and In-vehicle Bill Printing System, ensure that you are never overcharged or cheated. Currently, the mode of payment is cash only.


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2 stars Ave. rating: 2 from 15 votes.   --   Bangalore (Karnataka) (India)
posted: 2012-08-25 06:49:39
Celcabs service good r bad wt u say dr customes....<
  Rudradeep mukherjee   --   Bangalore (Karnataka) (India)
posted: 2009-10-25 03:16:46
hello every one i would like to say that im in bangalore 4 the last 3years but recently b4 6-7 months i started to take taxi of cell cabs. this company is really very good but the call centre people talk like they r not liable to customers one of the drivers named MR ARUN KUMAR GA was my first driver i took other drivers but out of those he was the best he knows each and every street in karnataka tazxi no 876 reg no 2397
  raji   --   Trivandrum (Kerala) (India)
posted: 2009-10-07 01:28:07
Celcabs Trivandrum had provided me excellent service till date, Dear all DO NOT CONCLUDE with ONE off - ve or + ve experience. Consider all factors before judging
  Salman Khan   --   Bangalore (Karnataka) (India)
posted: 2009-09-23 01:39:29
I've used CelCabs in Hyderabad and Bengaluru for atleast 50 times(approx.), and I'm impressed with their punctuality,professionalism and courtesy. They have never failed me and my family. Rock on Celcabs ! Sorry to hear about the bad experiences of other people. Regards, S
  prashant sinha   --   New Delhi (New Delhi) (India)
posted: 2009-09-16 11:27:36
m 4rm delhi.... nd 4rmlast 1 mnth m n bnglr. nd using d celcab ... i rly liked d service provided by celcab... i like its punctulity, behaviour, courtsey... of d driver .... Mr. ARUN KUMAR... 876 HE KNOWS every place vry wl..nd do his job vry sincerely..... lastly i wnna say 1 thng dt..... THANK U CELCABS.. THANK U ARUN.... if i l b n bnglr again i wish 2 book celcab again
  mahesh   --   Bangalore (Karnataka) (India)
posted: 2009-09-10 01:53:20
city taxi
  rakesh   --   none (India)
posted: 2008-08-12 02:29:52
CELCABS are worst service i have missed my train and when i have called therir office very bad response LKB management advice to all please use autos in bangalore
  Amita   --   Bangalore (Karnataka) (India)
posted: 2007-12-01 09:34:57
I have used the service many times but recently when I booked the taxi I was asked to call the taxi driver who refused to come to pick me I was Stranded -- Very undependable!!!! I will never call celcabs again!
  raju   --   Bangalore (Karnataka) (India)
posted: 2007-10-17 02:31:57
Thanks celcabs... I am very happy customers of yours... I think you need to improve on your brand building.... your service is very good but than you also look like every other citytaxi... i found its different in Hyderabad. Hyderabad Celcabs is very good.
  Manjunath   --   Bangalore (Karnataka) (India)
posted: 2007-10-12 07:18:46
Celcabs Service is very bad, i had to miss my flight. I find Raj taxi is much better
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