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Berlin taxi service

(Berlin, Germany)

Address: Ambachtsweg27a, Katwijk aan Zee


Phone number: 0031 318712811

Company background

Auf TAXI2AIRPORT.DE können Sie ein TAXI von und zu jedem Flughafen buchen. Wir bieten immer günstige Preise, da wir mit hunderten regionalen Taxiunternehmen zusammenarbeiten.

Service description

At TAXI2AIRPORT.DE you cann book a TAXI going or coming from the airport nationwide. We alwazs have the lowest tarifs because we're working with hundreds of local Taxicompanies!

Company fleet



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Spoken languages

english french
German, Dutch

2 stars Ave. rating: 2 from 4 votes.
  Aidan   --   Dublin (Ireland)
posted: 2011-10-09 11:04:46
Used this company for a transfer from Schoenefeld airport to central Berlin last week. The Taxi was waiting when we landed and the driver had a sign with my name in arrivals. The car was clean and reliable. We even had to divert to collect some keys and it wasn't a problem as it was close by, the driver was happy to wait for us. You will receive a confirmation email once a driver is assigned and you need to respond to confirm the booking. This may only happen 24 hours in advance so keep an eye out. Overall a good service
  Avinash   --   Berlin (Berlin) (Germany)
posted: 2010-11-16 09:23:14
No show, but the operator tried to convince me that the taxi was on it's way, and only 6 km. away. 30 minutes later, still no taxi. My conclusion: The concept is great, and at first it *seemed* like a great service. However, due to no taxi showing up, and due to the terrible service when we reported the no-show, and the related stress and aggravation, I must conclude that I won't try Taxi2Airport again. It's too much of a risk to maybe miss a flight. I can understand that a taxi is sometimes a few minutes late. But, when it's a reservation for a taxi to an airport, more that 15 minutes delay is not acceptable. Additional response to Hector, regarding this not being Taxi2Airport's fault: it your service consists of offer a reliable booking-service, you are responsible for selecting your partners. Thus, if the partners you selected are not reliable, you've done a bad job in quality control of your service. So, yes, the driver is at fault, but taxi2Airport is still the initiator of the service. eBay does a good job, with the community, of assuring quality-control of eBay users. Taxi2Airport is not operating at tha same quality level yet. More details: I missed my flight check-in time due to poor service through Taxi2Airport. On Sunday 14 November, I ordered a taxi through your site for a Monday 15 Nov. 9:45 dropoff at Tegel Airport, Berlin. I received a prompt email confirming the driver and 9:15 pickup-time. At this time, I was very impressed at the convenience of the service. On Monday-morning, I send a textmessage at 9:00 to notify that we were ready for pickup. No reponse. I called at 9:15 to check if the driver was on the way. The operator said he was on the way, but might be a few minutes late due to traffic. At 9:25, still no taxi. I called at 9:25, and according to the operator the driver was supposedly 6 km. away, and delayed by traffic. At 9:35, still no taxi. I called again, and the operator said that we didn't need to be at the airport at 9:45, since the flight was leaving at 11:10. Firstly, it's not up to the operator to decide what time I should be at the airport. If I book a 9:45 dropoff at the airport, that's what I book, regardless of anything else. >From 9:40, on, my calls were not being answered anymore. At 9:55 we walked to a big road with our luggage, and flagged a taxi down. While calling to the airport, I missed two calls around 10:05 am. possibly from the taxi-service. I did not have time to return the call, since I was trying to get on the phone to the gate, to ensure that they new we were on the way, Upon final arrival at the airport, the gate was already closed. We were too late to check in our luggage, but managed to get on to the flight with carry-on.
  Jan d Boer   --   Arnhem (Gelderland) (Netherlands)
posted: 2009-04-01 09:27:02
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