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(604) 731 1111
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+1 604 6811111
+1 604 683 6666
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+1 604 435 6655
+1 604 524 1111
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+1 604 681 3333
(604) 298 9911
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2 stars Ave. rating: 2 from 18 votes.
  Emma   --   none (Uzbekistan)
posted: 2016-04-29 08:27:16
Bien bueno!Daria era muy particular, muy concisa, madura, práctica y aburrida para su edad.Me reí con lo del día de Cobro, estuvo ge.inla..Tal vez me animeSaludos
  Birdie   --   none (Saint Kitts and Nevis)
posted: 2016-04-28 07:56:41
Som ökänd hockey-hatare mÃ¥ste jag ifrÃ¥gasätta jÃelröfems¤n. Att hockey-vm är precis lika intressant som kaffet i fikarummet i valfri svensk truckteminal bör inte föras över pÃ¥ fotbollen. Dessutom är ju möten med Malta och San Marino enda chansen för Sverige att göra mer än tvÃ¥ mÃ¥l i samma match
  Cindy   --   none (Juan de Nova Island)
posted: 2016-04-27 06:02:23
SINCE WHEN IS THE TRUTH "GOING NE!ITAVE"G? The Republicans cry like babies if someone points a finger at them. Tom has endured YEARS of personal jabs to his appearance just for starters on this blog. But THAT’S not NEGATIVE? Come on Republicans, you guys can’t take what you give out! Lol.
  Via   --   Burnaby (British Columbia) (Canada)
posted: 2014-10-22 03:10:59
Mostly Bonny taxi driver was terrible specially Indian they are not educated very rude. How come the company allow them. They are not totally mannered in without respect to senior citizen. Karma is waiting for both stupid drivers ...
  pacific cabs   --   Surrey (British Columbia) (Canada)
posted: 2014-02-07 07:17:37
surrey bc see pacific cabs professional driver video
  khfjnv   --   Vancouver (British Columbia) (Canada)
posted: 2012-09-25 06:21:24
yaa yaa whatever cool story bro
  taxi customer    --   Vancouver (British Columbia) (Canada)
posted: 2013-06-23 09:17:09
judging from the above genius comment, I'd have to say it sounds like something one of the taxi drivers would say.
  truck driver   --   Vancouver (British Columbia) (Canada)
posted: 2011-12-09 03:39:53
Yellow cab drivers are not just thieves but are maniacs on the road, no turn signals even if they are working. Cut you off then give you the finger. These guys are supposed to be professional, they are not they are a menace on the road and the city allowing any more licenses will only add to the horror they cause. i dont care if they are east indian or not, makes no difference to me if they where pink. When i was growing up the taxi drivers where a model to how we should all drive. The only place i have seen where it is still like that is in Japan, Where it is white glove service. Here they just wanna rip ya off so they can hit the next fare and they will run anyone off the road while doing it. Our police are to over worked to deal with the problem as it is but i can tell you Yellow seems to be the worst, Why i dont know. I drive a 35 foot truck in the city and i have logged over a million klm's in the last 14 years without a single ticket so i know what i am talking about
  manny   --   Vancouver (British Columbia) (Canada)
posted: 2011-11-22 12:31:20
I compltely agree with most of the comments.Taxi drivers in vancouver are professionals.I take taxi once or twice a week in vancouver I never have any trouble with them nor they tried to charge me extra.Last week taxi driver has to wait for me for almost 10-15 minutes but he never charged me extra for that time as I have to buy something from 7-11.
  Tory   --   none (Albania)
posted: 2011-11-22 01:48:07
It's rellay great that people are sharing this information.
  noi   --   Vancouver (British Columbia) (Canada)
posted: 2011-04-25 02:04:41
I wish the cab industry was more honest as well. Last night when we went to drop off my friend i had to help her out of the cab because she was so drunk my other friend was sitting in the cab and the driver told her to get out. i left my clutch there thinking my friend would stay in the cab but when she got out he drove off. we tried calling back but the only thing they told us that they will issue a disbatch but noone came back. i had all my money in there my sister phone and my ids. i'm very upset they should be mored regulated and honest. I hope this is a lesson karma does happen. it was with yellow cab. i've never actually had a good experience with honest people in the cab industry. from now on i only rely on services like keys please where they pick you and your car up.
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