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Roach's Yellow Taxi

Thunder Bay taxi service

(Ontario, Canada)

Roach's Yellow Taxi

Phone number: 3448481

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2 stars Ave. rating: 2 from 31 votes.
  Kenevieve Buchan    --    (Canada)
posted: 2013-09-29 03:25:02
Last school year my daughter was in a program @ St. James School and the school paid her fare from St. James - Canada Games Complex twice a day (to school in the AM and home in the PM) one day I was patiently awaiting my daughters arrival and she was strangely late. I called the school to find out that she did get into the taxi at her regular scheduled time, so I called dispatch. She informed me that my daughter was en route and should be here at any moment. Called school again after another 10 mins go by (I'm getting scared) I ask school to demand taxi company to track down the car my daughter is in. I'm in a panic in the meantime as her normal 10 min ride has turned into over an hour. The school returns my call and informs me that my daughter is safe in the car but is en route to the Reservation!! Across the city!!, but will turn around and bring her home ASAP. They finally arrive! The 1st thing my daughter says is "I tried telling him mommy and he wouldn't listen to me!" Imagine the fear in her head!...Where are we going? ...Where's he taking me? I asked the driver why he didnt listen to her and he replied that its not his fault, it's dispatch. There was a lot of finger pointing going on that day. I demanded the school change companies after that, they did. :)
  Kenevieve Buchan   --   Thunder Bay (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2013-09-29 02:30:46
Took my teenager for dinner to china house (McIntyre Center) via roaches taxi. Had dinner, went shopping (in McIntyre Center) called taxi again to go home, asked for Shoppers McIntyre. A wheelchair accessible arrived but parked at China House, I hesitated as it may have been someone else's, it wasn't. He began to drive away so I flagged him down, opened passenger door and stated that I called for Shoppers McIntyre Center and have been waiting 15-20 mins in the rain already. He proceeded to tell me that I'm not in a wheelchair, and that he had to go and tried driving away with passenger door opened. I just came from China House and there was not 1 person that was in a wheelchair in there. I asked if i could have his cab number and he pressed the gas again,with door still open. meanwhile my teenager and friend were worried id get hit and I decided to call dispatch instead. MISTAKE! She got mad at me as well! Claims I yelled at her, and said she'll figure it out. I was not yelling... I had witnesses present including the shoppers at McIntyre. Thank God a kind couple offered me and the 2 kids a ride home.... For FREE! What a huge disappointment!!!!
  Kenevieve    --   Thunder Bay (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2013-09-29 03:38:29
I am a person who has a disability and receive ODSP Benefits, I'm just not sitting in a wheelchair, but neither was anyone at McIntyre Center. I have taken a wheelchair cab many many times prior. Just not allowed today I guess.
  rob   --   Thunder Bay (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2012-08-10 09:28:33
don`t know what cab you drive but i have never got a clean cab from roaches either smells bad or is vry dirty
  Jeff   --   Thunder Bay (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2012-03-26 11:30:23
Did anyone get charged by the police? Just curios. Thank you.
  Tracy   --   Thunder Bay (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2011-04-20 01:30:38
Best taxi company and drivers in Thunder Bay, hands down!
  Alvin   --   Thunder Bay (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2011-01-05 10:55:23
hmm where can I find the number? damnit
  Alvin    --   Thunder Bay (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2011-01-05 10:57:29
duhh right above my damn post haha, lawdy lawdy blind I tell U
  mike   --   Thunder Bay (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2011-01-02 11:01:08
thank God this cult does not exist in the real world - if it did, they would all knocked out and put out of business. When your customer service lacks driving a cab.... then you know there is something wrong . Also , Diamond/ Roaches are monopolies and have it written in the city there can be no other competition.  Disgusting trash.
  Jim    --   Thunder Bay (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2011-01-10 18:38:33
Ha ha get your head out of your A$$!!! Maybe you should get your facts straight before posting something.
  ...   --   Thunder Bay (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2009-11-03 07:06:29
This company is one of the worst that i have ever encountered. i have taken taxis all over Canada and never have i been so displeased with a taxi! Such a medial part of life! getting into a taxi as a customer security should never be a concern. On September 13, 2008. i took a roaches yellow cab from a local pub. ariving at my destination i realized that the money that i owed the taxi driver for my was in my apartment. i proceed to my door with the driver close behind. im not sure if it was because the taxi driver figured that he was not going to recieve his fair! honestly, you just dropped me off at my house!! the next thing i remember im in a jail cell in the drunk tank! with a sore jaw, fat lip, lacerations to both of my elbows and a bruised tail bone. further investigation into the police report i found that the cab driver took it into his own hands to tried and beat the fare out of me and that he had stated that i refused to pay. unsatisfied with the results i dove further into an investigation to find not only was this driver physcologically unstable according to the report i found, he had also been instutionlized for suicidal and violent behavior! so next time you deside to catch a cab in Thunder Bay do yourself a favor and go with a trust worthy, dependable, and professional company.
  Jeff    --   Thunder Bay (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2012-03-26 11:27:40
One time I didn't have any money to take a taxi home so I walked home.
  Jim    --   Thunder Bay (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2011-01-10 18:42:10
Sorry to hear this happened. But don't lump the drivers and blame the company. We're not all like that driver. Drivers tend to bounce between the three companies, just happened that loose nut was working for Roachs at the time. Thank you.
  Barbara   --   Thunder Bay (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2009-06-15 05:26:48
This company has to have the most ignorant taxi manager on the face of the earth. I had a complaint witha driver and he treated me like a second rate citizen when I brought to his attention that his driver of car #1 was smoking in his car by the royal canadian legion. by the hydro building .. I was told he was sure it was impossible cause it was a foremans car and not a regular drivers car well if you ask me a driver in a car foreman or not should be delt with accordingly to what ever the law or bylaw states as I am highly allergic to the cigarette smoke that was flowing out of there car I since have taken my cab buisness to diamond lacey's taxi where the drivers are nicer to customers and so are the management. Be a cold day in hell before I take a roach's yellow taxi again
  Lori    --   Thunder Bay (Ontario) (Canada)
posted: 2012-06-26 07:41:30
I work for Roac's and our policy is no smoking you have to be outside the car. We still have some that cheat but when I see diamond lacey's their drivers are always inside smoking because they don't care. and their cars are dirty, Our management sticks up for us drivers as for you I wouldn't want your attitude in my cab so just as happy to give your crap to our comopetitiors.
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