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North Shore Taxi (1966) Ltd

North Vancouver taxi service

(British Columbia, Canada)

North Shore Taxi (1966) Ltd

Phone number: 9877171

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  Felipe   --   Ciudad Delicias (Chihuahua) (Mexico)
posted: 2013-08-15 05:04:12
Visited capilano suspension bridge and grouse mountain. Took north shore taxi from Grouse mountain to my hotel in downtown Vancouver. It was an excellent service. Even way better than yellow cab. So impressed that next day to go to airport i booked north shore taxi instead of downtown cabs. Great service.
  Curtis gagnon   --   Vancouver (British Columbia) (Canada)
posted: 2013-01-12 11:01:11
driver #79 ON JANUARY 7th driving me from lynn valley to lionsgate hospital area @ 5:50-6:05 The driver first of all jumped the car unto the curb right as he did started to drive after i got it, once on the curb he continued to drive for over 3 feet before slowly turning enough in the direction of the street that his from right wheel was no longer off the road, he continued to drive using only one hand and after about a minute he recieved a phone call on his cellphone (not a bluetooth headset, an actually phone to the side of his head) and began talking to what sounded like a friend (wasnt speaking english, so i couldnt tell). mean while hes driving using only the center of his palm and the outside of his arm to steer while reaching speeds over 55kph.. this guy is absolutely reckless he should be fired
  Bob Vidas    --   Vancouver (British Columbia) (Canada)
posted: 2013-08-05 00:55:46
I am sure you are driver of some other cab company. I am an account customer of north shore taxi since 1992. And i have never any problem. Also i have never seen any northshore taxi being driven in a rough manner. There are some bad apples in every workplace. I am really satisfied with their service.
  Taxi Service Dallas   --   Islamabad (Pakistan)
posted: 2012-11-02 08:57:52
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  bob   --   Victoria (British Columbia) (Canada)
posted: 2012-10-14 02:00:08
i drove for north shore. call all you want, they do nothing to them. there isnt alot of good to say
  Mick   --   North Vancouver (British Columbia) (Canada)
posted: 2012-08-21 03:09:59
Driver of cab #81 was a danger to himself, but more importnatly to every other driver nearby this morning (August 21). He's ambling down the cut in the right hand lane then suddenly shoves his way into the lefthand lane, sprints past a couple of cars then swerves back into the righthand lane, hurtles down the cut at well over 100kph and then slams on the brakes before shoving his way back into the lefthand lane between two vehicles between which there was not a space. He then slowed to the speed limit (70 kph) and sat in the left lane all the way over the bridge, collecting a stream of frustrated road users. What was this guy thinking - or maybe he wasn't?
  Alex    --   Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul) (Brazil)
posted: 2012-08-26 15:16:57
Hi Mick. Is lane changing illegal in n.van. I didn't see a cab involved in an accident but saw many other cars had minor accidents. Those guyz are professional and they know what they are doing, most of the times. If they are driving at 100 kph in 90 zone, i think its better than driving at 60 kph in 90 zone, which causes rear fender benders and i saw many here during my 1 week stay. By the way i am not a cab driver. I am visiting vancouver from Brazil. I wanted to leave a comment about Northshore taxi as i used northshore taxi two times while visiting northshore. I got excellent service from them. My cab driver both times was well dressed, well spoken and had a lot of knowledge about the area. Well done guyz and keep it up.
  Jim   --   North Vancouver (British Columbia) (Canada)
posted: 2012-06-23 08:05:44
i disagree with all comments given above. I am north vancouver resident and take north shore taxi multiple time in a week and never have any problem. One time forgot my iphone in cab and got it back from their office same evening. One of my friend took north shore taxi to downtown. The fare was 32 dollars and somehow my friend's visa was declined and he had no cash with him. The driver asked him to drop money in their office lateron. That was just amazing. Evert time got excellent service from north shore taxi.
  Annoyed   --   North Vancouver (British Columbia) (Canada)
posted: 2011-12-15 12:28:22
I was overcharged on my Visa account.  Receipt said one thing the charge on my credit card over the receipt amount.  I called North Shore Taxi and they hung up on me.  Good thing there are alternatives for frequent travellers.  One lost customer here.
  Cezar    --   Richmond (British Columbia) (Canada)
posted: 2011-12-04 01:08:33
We took a taxi [ North Shore Cab nr "306" ] back  from YVR to Richmond , about 10 min drive , the fare was $14.00 and after we get there the driver said  "Give me $20dol - is OK" !!! We think this is VERY rude to ask right away for a $6 tip  for 10min ride and $14 fare. This is not like we never tip , a week before we left for Mexico we took a taxi , same distance and the same amount on the "meter" -  $14 bucks  and  we tip the Richmond Cab taxi driver $4 dol.
  JG   --   Vancouver (British Columbia) (Canada)
posted: 2010-12-30 12:04:11
I disagree I got 200.00 dolloars back, when I lost mine in the taxi.
  Alexis   --   North Vancouver (British Columbia) (Canada)
posted: 2010-03-15 08:36:25
I agree, the drivers are not responsible and do not Give Care while they are driving. A Mini Van Taxi sped ahead of me, only to stall then flip me off once I honked at him. As he was pulling off into the local Petro Canada, he proceeded to flip me off.
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